What the Beauty Industry is Telling You About Your Body Wash

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Our skin is the largest organ we have and we tend to be a bit rough with it. We don’t always take the best care of it, moisturize daily, drink enough water, eat healthy, take vitamins…and we should care what we use to clean it, but advertising can be very compelling to sell something that isn’t helpful for our skin in the long run.

Nothing is better than the ingredients directly from the earth to achieve it and you’ll find those are rarely used in most mainstream beauty brands! Remember, what you put on your skin gets absorbed into your body, which most people often forget. But there are so many products to choose from and what can you know is true and what’s just FOMO?

So, let’s ask the very basic question this article goes over: why should you choose a natural body wash over a typical one at your local store?

We dissect the three top reasons why a natural body wash is the way to go to have you see the light and start keeping your skin healthy the right way…

Why Natural Body Wash is Important

You always want to pick a soap or a body wash that will help your skin feel moisturized and clean at the same time. Sometimes you go for a brand that’s popular or has a really great commercial, or that’s endorsed by a celebrity and we understand the urge to follow the trends. However, most body washes contain far too many fillers and chemicals that you aren’t even aware of.

That begs the question: What makes one body wash better than another? Is it the main ingredient? The scent? The reviews? Which ingredients are best for your skin? All of these thoughts might be running through your head as you look at all the different brands and products out there.

So, let’s break this down simply. Look for these three things on the bottle of your next body wash to make sure you’re treating your skin and the environment well (yes, the environment is impacted by your shower from the harmful ingredients that go through the pipes into local water resources!):

1. Natural & Organic Ingredients Or Else

When you want something natural, look for one that says it on the label and isn’t hard to find. The difference between natural and conventional ingredients is the use of chemical pesticides. Organic farmers use only organic weed and pest control, whereas conventional farmers will use chemical ones.

When you pick a body wash that is natural and partially organic, you know it won’t have any chemical pesticide or herbicide residue in it.

2. pH Balance Really Matters to Your Skin

It may seem like an odd reason, but choosing a body wash that is pH balanced the same as your skin helps keep any inflammation or sensitivity at bay. It’s also very helpful in maintaining a long, healthy span of time for your skin, which is not commonly associated with mainstream bath products!

3. Ingredients You Can Understand When You Read Them

Buy a body wash that has ingredients you can understand, not ones that make you cross-eyed when you’re reading the ingredients list. You want natural oils and plant-based ingredients in your skin care routine; that is key. Also, natural products tend to have a much shorter list of ingredients than normal. That’s because it sticks to high-concentrated ingredients and very few preservatives or fillers (typically only what it required to keep the product ingredients intact and safe to use!).

These are the main preservatives and filler ingredients you want to avoid: 

  • Sodium lauryl sulfate— This is especially important if you have sensitive skin. Sulfates are known to react harshly.
  • Parabens— These have a reputation for interacting negatively with the endocrine system and disrupt hormone functions.
  • Polyethylene/PEGs — Avoid if you have dry skin. This ingredient reduces your skin's natural moisture and leaves your skin vulnerable to bacteria.

As fun and sweet-smelling as your normal body wash is, that product may be doing more harm to your skin than good. Instead of risking the health of your skin, swap out your fruity body wash for a natural one and see the difference!

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