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What’s Triggering Your Psoriasis and How Manuka Honey Can Help?

By :Wild Naturals 0 comments
What’s Triggering Your Psoriasis and How Manuka Honey Can Help?

Skin conditions affect millions of people each day in the United States regardless of age, sex, or origin. A skin issue that leaves many people uncomfortable with itchy, irritated skin with red patches and chronic cases is psoriasis. Scientists believe that at least 10 percentof people have inherited one or more genes that could lead to psoriasis. Out of this, however, only 2 to 3 percent will develop the disease. The combination of genes and specific triggers of external factors can cause psoriasis. Knowing what’s triggering your psoriasis, and ways to naturally help reduce its symptoms can impact your lifestyle for the better.

Do I Have Eczema Or Psoriasis?

Many people ask themselves what skin issue is occurring in relation to the symptoms their body is showing. The difference between eczema and psoriasis can be challenging for those who are self-diagnosing their physical symptoms. Skin that has red and inflamed, dry and peeling patches could be either eczema or psoriasis. The conditions may give some similar attributes but are quite different in nature.

Eczema, or atopic dermatitis, affects the skin as a long-term or persistent skin condition. The reactions that cause the skin to overreact are triggers from the environment. These triggers can be from dyes, fabrics, soaps, as well as animals. Many people outgrow the hypersensitivities earlier on if they experience them during childhood, but some continue the condition long-term. Generally, eczema doesn’t appear to be scaly and dead skin, more so red, inflamed and cracked or blistered skin.

Psoriasis appears as a thick patch of white scales and is an autoimmune skin condition that results from the overproduction of skin cells. The white scales that appear on the surface of the skin are from the skin dead skin cells. Inflamed, red and itchy skin results from this.


Each person who suffers from psoriasis has non-universal triggers. The active symptoms of psoriasis may be triggered by various things:

  • Stress- The initial flare up, or aggravation of existing psoriasis may result from stress factors.
  • Injury to the skin- Some psoriasis symptoms can occur on areas that have been traumatized or injured.
  • Medications- Many medications are associated with psoriasis symptoms.
  • Infections- Earaches, bronchitis, tonsillitis, or even respiratory infections can bring upon psoriasis flare-ups.

Manuka Honey Relief

Honey has a sweet taste, and excellent use for the body inside and out. Manuka honey, primarily found in New Zealand, has, even more, aid in natural benefits for the body from its anti-bacterial properties.This natural healer is growing in popularity among the beauty industry for its use of a topical application on problem skin areas.

Manuka honey has incredible benefits for the skin, and many of these benefits relate directly to relieving eczema and psoriasis symptoms. Manuka honey is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and a moisture retaining substance. Products containing manuka honey give relief to eczema and psoriasis by using a natural formula. Since eczema and psoriasis can develop in various areas of the skin, having eczema and psoriasis cream as well as shampoo and conditioners in your skincare routine will provide relief.

Manuka honey combined with aloe vera, coconut oil, cehami flower extract, shea butter, hemp seed oil and blue-green algae have incredible healing effects. Manuka honey products for psoriasis and eczema provide moisture for dry, red irritated, itchy or cracked skin. What causes psoriasis can be controlled by having awareness of the various triggers. The difference between eczema and psoriasis may be from entirely separate reasons, whether genetic or environmental, but Manuka honey products can help with relief.