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Manuka Honey Shampoo: How It Benefits Both Hair and Scalp

By :Wild Naturals 0 comments
Manuka Honey Shampoo: How It Benefits Both Hair and Scalp

Honey has historically been in our ancestor's beauty routines for thousands of years. It has maintained its reputation as a powerful and natural healer for the inside and outside of the body. As many people use honey as a natural sweetener, others utilize the antimicrobial properties for maintaining an exterior youthful appearance. One specific honey, however, a monofloral type, contains considerably higher amounts of enzymes than honey regularly acquired. The Manuka tree located in mainly Australia and New Zealand produces Manuka honey.

The Strength Of Manuka Honey

Manuka honey, along with regular honey, has ongoing studies and scientific research being performed to clear up the benefits they provide. Manuka honey, however, is known to contain a better source of nutrients than found in standard honey. These nutrients include calcium, amino acids, manganese, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, zinc, and a variety of B-vitamins.

The fact that hydrogen peroxide is a component in honey may seem like an odd quality. This is actually the quality that gives Manuka honey its antibiotic qualities. Methylglyoxal is predominantly found in Manuka honey and is used to measure the quality of the honey source through a UMF or Unique Manuka Factor. For the honey to be potent enough to reach healing benefits, it should have a rating of at least 10 UMF, the higher up the number is the more it is considered effective antibiotic effects.

Nutrient levels can positively affect our body's interior health, but what else can it do for our hair and skin?


Using Manuka honey benefits for hair in a form of Manuka honey shampoo and conditioner is an efficient way to gain hydration, definition, and even an amazing shine. Manuka honey benefits for hair are abundant in restoration properties that any hair type aims to achieve. Manuka honey actually contains protein, which can be used to heal and strengthen hair of all types. Hair growth can benefit with Manuka honey’s natural protein attributes as it boosts scalp health and strengthens individual strands of hair. The rich amount of antioxidants can also reverse scalp damage and simultaneously strengthen hair follicles.

Manuka honey hair growth products actually work and have even more perks when combined with other natural substances. Manuka honey shampoo and conditioner ingredients used together with Manuka honey hair growth products at Wild Naturals include aloe vera, coconut oil extract, and cehami flower extract. Using Manuka honey for hair products are safer alternatives to chemical infused, problem correcting products. Although Manuka honey is powerful with anti-bacterial properties, it is also quite gentle. Think of the little bees, fluttering softly from Manuka plant to Manuka plant, gaining pollen on their legs to make your honey. No bees are included in products thank goodness, but they did make this natural healing substance and should be at least accredited.

Rejuvenate Naturally

Wear and tear on our hair is more than just a rhyming pun, it’s a serious day to day issue that we go through in all sorts of ways. Straightening, coloring, blow-drying, curling, and even damage from chemical infused “hair” products will leave havoc on our locks. Treatment for damaged hair cannot be done by not doing anything at all. Using reputable products and products that work should be sought after when searching for Manuka honey for hair.

Hydration, hair growth, dandruff, and bacteria fighting, this honey has a serious gain on the beauty industry for both hair and scalp rejuvenation. As more people become aware of this natural healer for hair, skin and body benefits, Manuka honey look-alikes are expanding throughout the industry. Using natural products from Wild Naturals will make a difference to truly rejuvenate your hair and skin.