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What Inflammation On Your Face Means & How To Get Rid Of It

By :Ryan Duminy 0 comments
What Inflammation On Your Face Means & How To Get Rid Of It

inflammation skin care

Is your skin tone uneven? Are there red blotches around your nose or maybe on your cheeks that you have to cover with foundation? It’s inflamed skin and it might not be from what you think. When you think of inflamed skin, it’s often referred to as sensitive skin and acne-prone skin. While this is true for some skin types, inflammation has many underlying conditions and treating the wrong form of it won’t show you the results you want. However, there is one skin care ingredient known and tested to treat each type of inflammation – manuka honey.

Skin Care for Inflammation

Manuka honey is slowly becoming part and parcel with skin care, though not everyone is aware of this multi-versatile natural ingredient and its incredible benefits. Ingesting it has plenty of awe-inspiring benefits, but using it for your skin is remarkable, especially for inflammation problems. Redness is quite common for many different skin types but can be tricky to treat properly.

These are the most frequent types of inflammation for the skin:

  • Cystic acne and pimples can form as angry red colorations on the skin and even leave red marks from scarring.
  • This skin condition appears as flushed skin coloration, prolonged redness by inflamed irritations under the skin, and visible blood vessels.
  • Sensitive skin. Applying harsh ingredients or being exposed to irritants can trigger inflammation very easily with sensitive skin types.
  • Environmental or food allergies can create inflammation from the reaction of responders in the body.
  • Red, itchy, patchy areas of the skin are created by this skin disease and when itched or severely dry can cause bright red inflamed skin.

There are even triggers that most people are unaware of that cause inflammation that has nothing to do with skin types or conditions. Watch for facial inflammation with these known triggers:

  • Sunlight exposure
  • Stress
  • Too much exercise
  • Caffeine
  • Dairy products

It can be surprising to plenty of people what can be the underlying cause for inflamed skin. However, there is one powerhouse natural ingredient that can help relieve inflammation fast and over time. Manuka honey contains naturally high levels of anti-inflammatory properties, which can work miracles on skin redness, no matter what the trigger or skin type is.

Not only is manuka honey wonderful for helping to soothe inflammation, it has a plethora of other great benefits for the skin. For acne and oily skin types, manuka honey is a known treatment for it as it kills off bacteria that causes acne/oil build up and can heal acne scars. It’s a powerful anti-aging ingredient with natural cell regeneration properties, as well as amino acids to help collagen production.

Manuka honey is even taking over the eczema and psoriasis market as a natural treatment option for its natural hydrating, healing, and protective elements for dry, damaged skin! Seeing as several of these inflammation issues stem from skin problems, manuka honey is already well underway in the beauty industry as a skin care choice for them.

Wild Naturals Inflammation Skin Care

If you search for manuka honey skin care, you will be hard-pressed to find a trustworthy and relatively inexpensive brand that has high-quality ingredients. Wild Naturals developed a full line of manuka honey products for this exact reason because helping people achieve healthy, beautiful skin means for than a hefty price tag.

Wild Naturals manuka honey face cream is an ideal choice for inflammation problems. With other natural ingredients boosting the beneficial powers of manuka honey, your skin will transform into what you have always dreamt of! You’ll find that Wild Naturals skin care products are packed with natural and organic ingredients, but without any of the harmful additives found in drugstore brands.

If you’ve suffered from inflammation, no matter the why or skin type, Wild Naturals skin care will surely become your new best friend when you see the change it has on your skin – and for the better! Shop the online store today and be well on your way to red-free skin.