Vogue Weighs In On Eczema with Babies: We Say How to Treat It Naturally but Effectively

vogue eczema

A recent article on Vogue discussed an employee’s battle of her baby suddenly developing eczema and the subsequent battle to find the right treatment to help it. Eczema as a baby is the usual timeframe when it first starts and usually never goes away, though adults have been able to develop it. Even though Vogue recommends staying away from eczema lotions – for the same reasons Wild Naturals suggests avoiding them (fragrance, alcohol, and poor ingredients) – there is still no word on how to treat eczema naturally. Until now, with Wild Naturals having the answer.

Why Eczema Treatments Don’t Help

Part of the Vogue article discussed the trouble of having an eczema type that wasn’t atopic dermatitis, which is harder to get a handle on. This is because eczema can form simply from food allergies, environmental issues, dust or mold allergies, hot or cold weather, sensitivity to fragrance, fabrics, or chemicals. Discovering the triggers for each unique type of eczema for every individual can be the longest and hardest struggle before having a grip over it.

What many people are unaware of, during their exhausting (and sometimes expensive) search for the right handling for eczema lies right in the products they’re trying. Eczema lotions, creams, steroids, oatmeal baths – all the old wives tale tricks, these can actually be detrimental to the treatment of eczema and prolong the triggers.


The answer lies in the very ingredients in eczema-specific products. Mineral oil and petroleum are the leading ingredients for almost every treatment in stores. It often comes as a surprise to learn that these two ingredients are occlusive agents, meaning they create an invisible shield over the surface of the skin and blocks anything (including water, moisture, air) from entering into the skin. Eczema occurs in sensitive skin types and creates very dry, damaging conditions, therefore occlusive agents cause more harm by keeping out the other ingredients that are meant to moisturize the skin. These are the two main ingredients used for eczema and should not be part of any eczema treatment.

Steroid creams are also never a treatment you want to rely on for long-term results. So what should be used for treating eczema and relieving the painful, itchy rash that forms? It’s as simple as back to basics with natural ingredients from Mother Nature!

Wild Naturals Eczema & Psoriasis Cream

When you want to avoid steroid topical creams and harmful ingredients masked as beneficial, there’s nothing better than choosing Wild Naturals and the full line of eczema and psoriasis products. Each one was crafted for the purpose to truly help and repair troubled skin conditions. Wild Naturals promise is proven with the full list of key ingredients of extraordinary properties to relieve the triggers of eczema on your skin.

These ingredients and their benefits are:

  • Aloe Vera. Replacing water as the first ingredient on the list, it’s also rich in minerals, vitamins, enzymes to hydrate and repair.
  • Manuka Honey. This ingredient is crafted in each Wild Naturals skin care product because of its versatility and powerful benefits to heal, moisturize, and kill bacteria that eczema can create from itching.
  • Blue Green Algae. Full of minerals, proteins, and fatty acids, your skin will drink this in to strengthen and firm up!
  • Coconut Oil. Even Vogue suggest this ingredient for a natural moisturizer and packs a real punch of quenching thirst to the skin!
  • Hemp Seed Oil. Rich in fatty acids and increases blood flow while reducing redness, ideal for dry skin types!
  • Cehami Flower Extract. Wild Naturals is one of the few skin care brands that utilize this uncommon ingredient for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties and natural pain and itch relief for helping to soothe eczema!

Vogue may still recommend steroid creams and generic eczema products, but as natural skin care continues to grow, be on the look out for Wild Naturals and be on the trend before everyone else! Shop the online store today!