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An Irish Honey is Threatening Manuka Honey’s Throne: Here’s What You Need to Know

By :Wild Naturals 0 comments
An Irish Honey is Threatening Manuka Honey’s Throne: Here’s What You Need to Know

manuka honey

With the world reaching and demanding manuka honey, an Irish honey called heather honey has suddenly taken the spotlight for the moment. What is this “new” honey and why is there an unexpected surge of attention on it now? Is this heather honey going to try and knock manuka honey of its throne or will the New Zealand native honey stand supreme?

Irish Heather Honey vs. Manuka Honey

There are certain similarities between heather honey and manuka honey, however, which one reigns over the other? While heather honey and manuka honey both contain comparable health benefits, does one hold more over its opponent? Every honey is rich with antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antidiabetic properties. Its low glycemic levels make it ideal for an alternative sweetener, while it’s many health benefits continue to take the world by storm.

But what sets heather honey apart from manuka honey?

Heather honey found in Ireland has the highest total phenolic content out of any honey, according to researchers from Dublin City University. Phenolic is a type of antioxidant compound and it’s believed that this count is highest in heather honey because of where the bees pollinate from; typically flowers that are grown wild around the many beehives.

Other than that, manuka honey stands true to holding the largest antibacterial and antimicrobial components out of any other honey, including the Irish kind. The full list of manuka honey benefits include:

  • Antibacterial and antimicrobial properties kill off germs and bacteria as intense as STAPH infections, cystic acne, and strep throat.
  • Naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, and amino acids stimulate collagen production and cellular regeneration, ideal for anti-aging skin, repairing damaged skin, scars, and burns.
  • Intense moisturizer – manuka honey is a humectant, meaning it pulls in moisture from the air into the skin, creating a plump, dewy hydration for the skin, which can help even the harshest of skin conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis.
  • Promotes better oral health by killing germs on the gums, even as bad as gingivitis.
  • Digestive aid; manuka honey helps IBS and natural enzymes help break down food for better flowing stomach health and can also help prevent gastric ulcers!
  • Anti-inflammatory properties in manuka honey help reduce redness, including from acne and rosacea.

Not many natural ingredients can have such an abundance of beneficial elements both for inside and outside your body. If you want an easy route into transforming your lifestyle into a healthier one, manuka honey is the answer – and while diet extends further beyond manuka honey, the one area you can’t go wrong with is manuka honey in skin care!

Wild Naturals Manuka Honey Skin Care Line

Wild Naturals developed a full line of manuka honey skin care products and hair care for the exact purpose of utilizing the number one honey to its full potential. Without heavy price tags or diluting the key ingredients, Wild Naturals keeps to its namesake for the simple reason of providing effective and affordable natural skin care that works!

The results of using Wild Naturals Manuka Honey Cream are vast and with these other powerful ingredients to aid the star of the skin care line, you will be amazed at how your skin transforms into its best version ever!

With aloe vera replacing water as the first ingredient on the list, its heavy vitamin and mineral content provides wonderful hydration and improved skin tone. Shea butter is a tried and true skin care ingredient, used for hundreds of years to treat wounds and burns, it also is an intense anti-aging component! Blue green algae, coconut oil, hemp seed oil, and cehami flower extract round out this jam-packed ingredients list for a truly marvelous wonder for your skin!

Visit the Wild Naturals online store to read the full list of benefits of each ingredient, plus much more about why manuka honey will continue to stay reigning over the honey – and skin care – world!