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Vanderpump Rules’ Stassi Schroeder On Her Psoriasis Battle

By :Wild Naturals 0 comments
Vanderpump Rules’ Stassi Schroeder On Her Psoriasis Battle

stassi schroeder

Celebrities are indeed just like us and they, underneath all the shimmering designer threads and high-end makeup and hair styling, they too battle with skin problems. One of the main stars of the popular reality TV show, Vanderpump Rules, Stassi Schroeder has recently made public her on-going fight with psoriasis. More and more celebrities have come out in the last few years about their skin conditions and making it a safer platform to promote awareness of psoriasis and other body issues. Kim Kardashian, Cara Delevingne, LeAnn Rimes, and now Stassi Schroeder have all spoken about and revealed their battle with psoriasis.

How To Handle Psoriasis Flare-Ups

Like Stassi Schroeder, many people facing problems with psoriasis and trying to hide it, can almost feel like it’s a battle they cannot win. The Vanderpump Rules’ star took to Instagram to show her makeup-free face with psoriasis flare-ups. She promoted allegiance with other psoriasis sufferers and that they’re not alone, which is a great podium to show that it’s okay to let your battle be seen.

Many people with psoriasis tend to hide and avoid public outings during a flare-up. With the encouragement of celebrities like Stassi Schroeder, this will help those with psoriasis to be inspired to fight the good fight and not give in to introversion with the skin condition. While psoriasis is believed to be an autoimmune and genetic skin condition, those who are not familiar with it tend to fear contagion, which psoriasis holds no truth to.

With outbreaks, the search has been far and wide to find relief from the flare-ups caused by psoriasis. Some of the known tips and tricks to ease the severity of the psoriasis areas are:

  • Avoid stress, this is known to create severe flare-ups.
  • Stay away from heat and clothing that chafes, these trigger psoriasis by warming the skin and causing areas of the skin condition to increase in size, redness, and agitation.
  • Watch your diet and alcohol intake, some foods, especially unhealthy kinds, and alcohol have been tracked with psoriasis flare-ups. The better you eat and hydrate, the less severe and infrequent the outbreaks can be.

Keeping these points in mind, your psoriasis can be less aggressive and hopefully not cause too much discomfort and annoyance to your life.

Wild Naturals Psoriasis Treatment

Celebrities have access and bank accounts to match the level of care, treatment, and products they can use to help their psoriasis. Most people suffering from the skin condition cannot afford such luxury and are prescribed by dermatologists a steroid cream or recommendations for products like moisturizing lotion with petroleum or mineral oil. This has been the standard solution for psoriasis and eczema sufferers for decades.

However, with more and more attention being put on natural skincare and the beauty industry highlighting this type heavily, the true results of chemically filled skin products are finally being brought out. Chemicals and thickeners added to creams stay on top of the epidermis and don’t penetrate to where the moisture is needed. It also can have adverse effects and dry the skin out, rather than help lubricate it.

Wild Naturals saw the lack of natural skincare and released a whole line of eczema and psoriasis products. No harsh chemicals, preservatives, fragrances (which can dry out the skin), no mineral oil or petroleum and organic aloe vera as the first ingredient, not water like most every other skin care product. With rich beneficial ingredients like manuka honey, shea butter, coconut oil and more, Wild Naturals pH balanced skincare lines can greatly aid in the relief and reduction of your psoriasis.

Visit the Wild Naturals online store today to purchase your new start on conquering your psoriasis!