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Eczema & Make Up: How To Balance Both

By :Wild Naturals 0 comments
Eczema & Make Up: How To Balance Both


Makeup, or cosmetics, is one of the biggest booming industries in the world. With millennials diving for new and trendier makeup products, the market and production for it have grown larger and larger every year. As of spring 2017, the beauty industry was at a $445 billion dollar net worth. With celebrities launching their own lines and more styles being released each month, it’s no wonder that the struggle of wearing makeup when you have eczema has reached such a pinnacle.

Eczema is a well-known skin condition that causes scaly, red, rashes on the body in varying degrees of intensity. Most eczema cases are developed during infancy and childhood but can come about even in adulthood, though rarely. With a lifelong battle with eczema ahead, people with it have been fighting tooth and nail to find the balance of wearing makeup and avoiding a worsened state of their eczema.

Makeup Artist’s Speak Out About Eczema

There is hope for those suffering from their itchy and painful eczema condition. Makeup artists, who are becoming more and more famed for their glamorous and talented skills with cosmetics, are speaking out about eczema and what they do to still wear fabulous makeup. They are aware of the love and passion for makeup and not just to look pretty, but as a creative canvas for self-art.

While refusing to give up wearing makeup, these makeup artists promote self-confidence and post makeup-free photos to their social media accounts. They write empowering posts with the photos and stomp on the haters who criticize people with skin conditions, weight problems, insecurity, and more. The movement to embrace who you are has been heard loud and clear on social media in recent times and sufferers of eczema are being inspired by it.

Social media is an excellent platform for voicing your courage and not letting a skin condition control your life. It also encourages others with skin issues to not feel alone and be confident about it too, which then motivates them to find more ways to handle their skin conditions.

Wild Naturals Eczema Cream

Makeup artists also highly promote the importance of taking care of their skin after wearing makeup. Clean skin and removing makeup each day is vital to the health and healing of your body. Lathering your skin with eczema creams filled with petroleum and mineral oil, the standard recommendations used for years, can actually worsen your skin. These types of creams can clog your pores and block breathability to the layers of your skin that need hydration and relief from being covered up by makeup.

Wild Naturals saw the problems with eczema skincare and created their own line of natural eczema and psoriasis products. With a body cream, a body wash, and a shampoo and conditioner specifically created for the aid and relief of eczema and psoriasis, Wild Naturals uses only Earth made ingredients in this skincare line. Packed with vitamins, minerals and regeneration properties, some of these ingredients are manuka honey, coconut oil, shea butter, and cehami flower extract.

Each ingredient was selected for the benefit of reducing and nourishing eczema areas to bring relief and ultimate moisturization. All of the Wild Natural skincare products are pH balanced, a vital component of skincare that is often forgotten about and helps to keep skin from being agitated and stripped of natural oils. You shouldn’t have to give up makeup just because you have eczema. With Wild Naturals skin care, you can enjoy the best of beauty while reducing the severity of your eczema triggers. Visit the Wild Naturals online store today and order natures best choice for skincare!