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Fitness Blogger Karina Irby Speaks Out on Her Eczema

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Fitness Blogger Karina Irby Speaks Out on Her Eczema

fitness blogger karina irby

Karina Irby is an Australian fitness blogger with an over eight hundred thousand followers. She became famous for her beach workouts and now even has launched a line of bikinis she designs called MOANA Bikini, which she promotes by posting photos of her wearing them on the beautiful beaches of Australia. However, she recently posted an image showing off her eczema covered thighs and cellulite. She is just one of many celebrities that have opened up about beauty imperfections on social media lately.

Eczema Awareness on Social Media

Karina Irby is stunning and very comfortable with her body, especially her ample curves. She posts regular photos of herself working out or in her many MOANA bikinis. This new post revealing her eczema was a tough decision for the blogger, but she wanted to help others suffering from the skin rash to not be afraid to show it. Eczema is a painful and itchy skin condition of severely dry skin that can become cracked and flaky. Normally eczema develops during childhood and stretches out into adulthood, though adults can still become afflicted without having had it as a child. It is more common for a person to develop it if there is a family history of the skin condition.

Eczema can make a lifestyle or social life difficult at times. If it is triggered by heat or irritated, most people with eczema feel embarrassed and don’t want to be out in public for others to see it. This is why Karina Irby is being validated for her bravery in publicly displaying her imperfections and battle with eczema on social media. Hundreds of thousands of people saw her Instagram post and have praised her for speaking out about it.

Body shaming is one of the worst social media downfalls and with Karina Irby inspiring others to embrace the flaws and body problems, it lessens the hardship of haters. Several bloggers have since spoken out about their faults or their own battle with eczema because of the inspiration of Karina Irby posting about hers. She shares her advice on how she deals with her eczema and encourages more people to share what they do to help relieve the inflammation.

Wild Naturals Eczema Relief

While many eczema sufferers are left with no options but steroid creams and moisturizing lotions containing harmful chemicals and synthetic oils, there is a relatively new alternative. For so many years it was the normal solution for eczema treatment to be mineral oil lotions and petroleum. This was a doctor recommended product from decades back that people followed the advice without realizing the harmful effects of it. Though petroleum can relieve dry skin, it does nothing to aid in the natural moisture and protection of the dermis.

Wild Naturals wanted to offer a natural choice that could help reverse the painful and scarring rash of eczema. Wild Naturals Eczema & Psoriasis Cream is the product you have been waiting for! Every ingredient was thoughtfully added to benefit your skin and improve the healing and hydration properties of your skin. With intense moisturizing properties in aloe vera, manuka honey, shea butter, and coconut oil, this eczema cream will pack a wild punch to your dry, parched skin. Cehami flower extract can also relieve the itch with its powerful analgesic qualities, taking the natural place of steroid creams.

Wild Naturals eczema skincare line will show you immense relief, while also helping to repair your skin. The plant-based ingredients are derived from the Earth, not a laboratory, and all naturally support the cell regeneration of your skin. Each element of our eczema cream is meant to give you the recovery and hydration for beautiful, healthy skin again. Head over to the Wild Naturals online shop today and see the difference in our eczema treatment over drugstore products!