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On the Rise in Beauty & Skincare: Manuka Honey

By :Wild Naturals 0 comments
On the Rise in Beauty & Skincare: Manuka Honey

manuka honey skincare


The beauty and skincare industries have seen a massive wave of new products, ingredients, and markets of interest in the last few years. Manuka honey is one of the fastest rising trends of 2018 when it comes to health, beauty and skincare products. Aside from the health benefits of manuka honey when ingested, the external application of this natural product has a multitude of resources that cannot be denied as a step into the age reversal category.

Benefits of Manuka Honey

When you think of honey products, your mind instantly goes to tea and drizzling it over scrumptious desserts. However, applying skincare that is rich in manuka honey, the byproduct of the manuka bush blossoms native to New Zealand, has even better benefits for your body. Manuka honey has natural antibacterial properties, such as hydrogen peroxide and methylglyoxal, that are highly combative against skin problems like acne. It is also well known for its treatment of eczema, a quite itchy and inflamed skin rash.

Using manuka honey for your skin reduces inflammation, resulting in soothed and vibrant skin promotion. The anti-aging benefits of manuka honey are another prominent property that has consumers diving for skincare that has the honey in its ingredients. It is shown that manuka honey helps promote the production of collagen and amino acids in skin cells, meaning reversing the clock is that much easier (and affordable). Manuka honey is an answer to younger, firmer and more youthful looking skin!

Lastly, manuka honey is very hydrating and gives your skin a natural burst of moisture to lock in and replenish your skin. Whether sunburnt in the summer or drying out in the harsh winters, hydration is a key element in the health and protection of your skin.

Wild Naturals Skincare

There are several products that we carry with manuka honey as a main ingredient. It’s not just a face cream that will show you amazing results, but a full beauty line to lavish you in the benefits of manuka honey all around. This surge of manuka honey in skincare and beauty brands will show an increase in different products and items you may already love showcasing this ingredient.

However, a full line of manuka honey products from a single brand is not the normal you will see in drug stores or shops like Sephora. Wild Naturals these manuka honey products for you:

  • Manuka honey body cream – feel the full parade of antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and nourishing, moisturizing benefits from neck to feet. Also, battle eczema with this proven method of treatment against it.
  • Manuka honey face cream – promote youthful, firming skin and have a natural solution to acne for clean, healthy skin.
  • Manuka honey face wash – pH balance is vital to healthy skin and this face wash doesn’t strip away vital oils or nutrients from the skin like other face washes can.
  • Manuka honey body wash – SLS free, this body wash nourishes and cleans while giving you soft, nourished skin while balancing your natural pH levels.
  • Manuka honey shampoo & conditioner – Get the ultimate hair care in replenishing and restoring damaged hair follicles while soothing red, irritated scalp issues.

Natural is returning with a full bang and come back in the beauty industry. Harsh chemicals, parabens, and mineral oil are on the way out for ingredients that will team with your skin and body without harming it. Wild Natural’s skincare has everything you need to restore, repair and nourish, naturally! Skincare does not have to cost you your first born and Wild Naturals uses 99% natural ingredients, so you can see the results you’ve been wanting all this time without the OMG price tags. Visit our shop today and please message us if you have any questions about what products are right for you!