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Natural Beauty: Why the Industry is Turning to a More Homemade Feel

By :Wild Naturals 0 comments
Natural Beauty: Why the Industry is Turning to a More Homemade Feel

natural beauty

In the turn of the new millennium, there have certainly been plenty of changes and improvements made to the beauty industry. Natural beauty is the trend of the moment and has been paving its way to center stage for quite some time. Old wives’ tales of homemade concoctions and remedies are now being stocked on shelves with a fair few well-known brand labels attached to them. Why? Synthetic beauty is definitely on the way out and natural is staking its permanent claim upon the consumers and assembly of beauty products.  

Natural Beauty Trends

Who would have thought ten years ago that discussing coconut oil, or manuka honey masks, or apple cider vinegar in your beauty regimen would be all the rage? Well, it certainly has and there are no plans of it stopping anytime soon. Research and scientific evidence in recent years have revealed the damaging effects and studies of additives, preservatives, and chemical ingredients in skincare. Beauty consumers are not happy and are calling for natural, real, and effective skincare products.

While natural ingredients like coconut oil have definitely had their time in the spotlight and become staples on beauty shelves and stores, there are plenty of other types making a new name for themselves, just like coconut oil has. What are they? Here are a few new and up and coming staples to watch for in your skin care purchases:

  • Manuka honey; this powerhouse nectar is taken from the pollination of the manuka bush native to New Zealand and Australia has highly beneficial antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It’s moisturizing, healing, and great for acne, allergies, and anti-aging.
  • Charcoal; the pore clearing and cleansing components in this natural material has placed itself in the top ranks of detoxing and purifying face masks.
  • Cehami Flower Extract; this up and comer and new to skincare ingredient will certainly take you by surprise, in the best way. Intensely anti-inflammatory and carrying heavy cell regeneration properties, it also is three times more effective than Aspirin as an analgesic, meaning pain and itch relief. Not only that, it’s scientifically proven to increase cell growth by up to fifty percent! What that means for your skin is young, radiant, and protected skin from aging, sun damage, free radicals, and nourishing.
  • Blue Green Algae; marine-based ingredients are trending too and while some brands have promoted their seafaring ingredients for many years, the fact that they also carry cheap fillers and low quantities of the good stuff has made it seem obsolete in caring for your skin. Blue-green algae contain almost every organic mineral on the chart, which allows the skin to heal and replenish itself with these minerals. For anti-aging benefits, the high percentage of proteins and fatty acids in this algae strengthen your skin’s fibers, helping to create a more lifted look while improving skin elasticity and firmness. Hello, youthful skin!
  • Coconut oil; just to be fair, as this one the star ingredient in a huge turning point for natural skincare. This oil can penetrate the skin, moisturizing and reverse the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by giving an extra burst of hydration. It’s great for sunburns, an everyday body lotion, and nourishes unlike anything else.

With other incredible natural ingredients making their debut, like Aztec clay, turmeric, and apple cider vinegar, you will finally be glad to buy skincare that works.

Wild Naturals Skincare Products

Not only is natural beauty the new trend, it’s also the correct choice. Why would you want to put artificial ingredients into your skin, when there are so many incredible natural products available? If you’re looking for the truest of true natural skincare, then look no further than the Wild Naturals online store. You won’t find anything as homemade as egg and mayo hair treatments, but you will discover the amazing benefits of a clean and easy to read ingredients list that wasn’t created in a lab, with the added bonus of results you will love! Visit the online store today and give your skin the care and benefits it needs and you want.