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Beards Need Loving Too: 3 Reasons To Use Natural Shampoo For Your Facial Hair

By :Wild Naturals 0 comments
Beards Need Loving Too: 3 Reasons To Use Natural Shampoo For Your Facial Hair


Beards are wildly trending for several years now. A style and grooming choice for men of all classifications, not just for hipsters. However, for many men newly growing out their facial hair, they have discovered that it’s not just about letting it be free and having a no-nonsense look. The care and grooming of beards are vital to the appearance and health of facial hair.

Why Natural Shampoo is Important for Beards

While some men may be able to take the time and luxury to have their beards cared for at The Art of Shaving or a fine barber shop, most decide to take care of them at home. The supplies for grooming a beard are simple enough to find and purchase, but it’s the actual products to maintain and keep the health of your facial hair that matter most. Beards are a centerpiece of attention for people when they first see a man. Caring for your beard in a well-tended manner should be a staple, just as much as your wardrobe and accompanying hairstyle.

Here are three reasons why you should be using a natural shampoo for your beard and to help its overall health and growth:

  1. An itchy beard actually means the skin underneath the facial hair, and possibly even the hair follicles themselves, are not in a great state. There could be an excess of oils or particles blocking your skin underneath that magnificent beard. A natural shampoo can gently remove these and promote clean, healthy skin for which your glorious beard will thrive.
  2. Natural shampoo tends to have shea butter, an ingredient your beard desperately craves to nourish and moisturize. Not just for the hairs, but for the skin with which your beard grows from. Hydrated and filled with antioxidants, as well as phytonutrients, your beard shall flourish like the manly beacon it is.
  3. Aloe vera and coconut oil are two other natural ingredients that your beard will depend upon. These add extra nourishment and protection for a luxurious, silky and shining beard that all will see and admire, near and far. It also helps with the itching and promotes healthy skin by removing dead skin cells, fast absorption, and are as opposite as drying ingredients like alcohol can be.

You will find that these ingredients tend to be carried in many grooming products, though higher brands tend to also use fillers and preservatives, which then counter the benefits. Natural shampoo and a conditioner too if you really want your beard to shine in beauty and health would be the correct items to buy.

Wild Naturals Hair & Beard Care

At Wild Naturals, our natural shampoo and conditioner are not just for women’s hair. It can absolutely be used for beards and facial hair alike. We saw the harmful results of soap and its drying effects, not including the damaging ingredients of the likes of mineral oil, petroleum, fragrances, and sulfates. With that in mind, the natural skin care and hair care products from Wild Naturals are locked and loaded with the right ingredients and benefits.

Not only are coconut oil and aloe vera some of the key ingredients, its also pH balanced and contains manuka honey, a component that will shoot your beards appearance to another level entirely. Let your beard grow long and strong by staying rich in nutrients, natural oils, and moisture! You can even apply the manuka honey face cream to your beard for added nourishment during dry patches or seasons.

Visit the Wild Naturals online shop today and let your beard do the talking for you! It will say natural shampoo is the beard equivalent to protein shakes for workouts!