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More FDA Drugs are being Approved to Treat Psoriasis: 5 Reasons to Avoid Them

By :Wild Naturals 0 comments
More FDA Drugs are being Approved to Treat Psoriasis: 5 Reasons to Avoid Them


There is no known cure for psoriasis, which is a genetic immune system condition that affects areas of the skin that become red, inflamed, and painful. The FDA is constantly working with drug companies to approve psoriasis treatments to help reduce the severity of these flare-ups. For chronic plaque psoriasis, three new drugs have been submitted to the FDA in 2018 already. However, the side effects, like in almost every drug, are piling up more than the “good” results of taking them.

Drugs are the solution to your psoriasis. It may not be able to be cured but keeping the flare ups under control and protecting your skin is extremely doable – and without the harm of taking drugs for it.

Why to Avoid Psoriasis Drugs

There are lists of options for psoriasis treatment and they all vary from one another. Dermatologists tend to recommend expensive ointments or creams and even controversial LED treatments that supposedly reduce psoriasis flare-ups. What is now becoming a front-runner in treating psoriasis are new drugs to help fight moderate to severe cases of plaque psoriasis.

While some people may believe and choose to take a drug to help relieve their psoriasis, the bottom line is that it won’t cure it. Relieving psoriasis has cleaner options than taking pills, here are five reasons to avoid the latter:

  1. No drug comes without warnings. Physical problems can occur while taking drugs.
  2. The side effects of drugs continue to grow over the years and are connected to many serious mental health problems related to suicide, mass shootings, and depression.
  3. Drugs can put more stress on your organs and consequently your immune system, which is the main link to psoriasis flare-ups.
  4. There is no guarantee. Attempting a new drug for a skin condition could only spell disaster with no relief in the end. At least with creams and ointments, nothing is so severe.
  5. Healthy is the correct path and drugs are on the opposite strata.

It would seem that with a skin condition, it makes the most sense to treat the skin from the outside while vitamins, nutrients, and a good diet handle the internal issues.

Psoriasis the Natural Way at Wild Naturals

Wild Naturals jumped on the healthy boat at the start of the new path in medicine, beauty, health, and agriculture. Developing a full line of eczema and psoriasis skin care, Wild Naturals knew the importance of clean ingredients to show awe-inspiring results. With the key ingredients of Wild Naturals eczema and psoriasis cream being manuka honey, the rest show they heal and nurture just as much to give your skin the relief it needs in a big impact.

Most psoriasis treatments are steroid creams or drugstore style products, like moisturizers, lotions, and ointments. Nearly every one of them contains “star” ingredients, like mineral oil or petroleum. These may have been the go-to item back in the day, new research shows that these components actually worsen your dry skin. They are known as occlusive agents, which create an invisible film over the top of the skin and keeps anything new from being absorbed into the skin. It’s meant to “trap” moisture, though, with psoriasis, your skin is lacking moisture and therefore is just trapping your dry skin from receiving hydration. This is why constant application of these creams are suggested, because any other ingredients that can moisturize will slowly, bit by bit, enter into the skin.

Hydrating your skin shouldn’t be such a hassle. With Wild Naturals psoriasis cream, there are no dyes, fragrances, sulfates, parabens, mineral oil, petroleum, or steroids. Natural ingredients are what you get with Wild Naturals skin care, with nourishing plant-based properties, such as aloe vera, shea butter, blue-green algae, coconut oil, hemp seed oil, and cehami flower extract.

Each ingredient contains qualities that will ensure your skin is properly hydrated, healing, soothed, and packed with vitamins and nutrients. Visit the Wild Naturals online store today to help relieve your psoriasis the right way and avoid the harmful drug route – your skin will thank you!