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Eczema Triggers: How to Spot Them & More Importantly How to Treat Them

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Eczema Triggers: How to Spot Them & More Importantly How to Treat Them


Living with eczema can be very difficult at times. No one wants to hide itchy, flaky, intensely dry skin while also dealing with the pain of it too. Eczema treatment does vary, and many options are actually creating adverse effects, much to the dismay of eczema sufferers.  For years there has been research and studies to try and discover the root of eczema triggers to help relieve the intensity of the skin condition. Knowing these triggers could be the difference between living miserably or rising above the rash.

The Known Eczema Triggers

Eczema, known as atopic dermatitis, is an inflammatory skin disease that is not contagious, though chronic. It causes the skin to become red, itchy, and create patches of severely cracked skin. Eczema starts out mainly in children, though can suddenly affect adults. It tends to flare up, especially at night, and the intensity of it varies from person to person.

Eczema has been linked to a hyperactive immune system reaction, where it produces antibodies to defend itself against internal and external substances. The skin also reacts to irritants, allergens, and infectious germs or bacteria. The triggers are not one dimensional in every person afflicted with eczema, though knowing the collective, common triggers will certainly enable you to get a better hold on them and keep the reaction lower.

The common collective of triggers are:

  • Dry skin – this may seem a dead giveaway, however, there are variables to dry skin that you may not be aware of. Having naturally dry skin will unequivocally trigger eczema spots much more, while hot and cold temperatures can activate it too. Moisturizer every day to counteract any aspects of dryness will help reduce the severity of eczema.
  • Stress – like most health issues, stress will inevitably cause an eczema flare as it makes the body work harder in a weakened state.
  • Irritants – a lot of people with skin problems don’t realize the normal products they use can actually be irritating your eczema. Soap is the worse perpetrator as it is too harsh on parched skin and dries it out even more. Certain laundry soaps, shampoo, and cleaning products can create eczema flares by their drying ingredients, even fabrics like wool as they chaff and heat up the skin.
  • Environment Conditions – Pollen, pet dander, dry weather, cigarette smoke, dust mites, they all contribute to eczema reactions.
  • Sweating – Of course, when you’re hot and you sweat, heat is a main factor in eczema triggers as it activates the cells and dry skin loses even more moisture.
  • Hormones – fluctuations happen and unfortunately, eczema resists it or becomes irritated by new levels of hormones.
  • Certain foods – allergies play a heavy role in eczema and prompt reactions. Avoiding known food allergens and changing your diet to accommodate them will help reduce the flare-ups.

There are many forms of triggers associated with eczema and it can be overwhelming. However, it is a skin condition and the main treatment for eczema known worldwide is creams, lotions, and moisturizers. What is still not unveiled to most is that nearly every eczema cream could be causing an adverse result to your skin problem.

Wild Naturals Eczema Cream

Yes, it is the unfortunate truth that most eczema creams contain ingredients that are doing more harm than good to your dry, parched skin. Steroid creams change the levels of hormones in your body and not everyone wants to choose the drug route to handle their skin, which is wise. Hence, drugstore products that have been used for decades are the only option.


New studies and natural skin care products have been released that show there is a better and cleaner way to treat your eczema. Drugstore lotions contain mineral oil or petroleum, both of which cause a film to enclose the skin and keep anything (and we mean anything) from entering your skin, including new moisture. So, it is essentially protecting your very dry skin from being hydrated. How is this going to help your skin condition?

It won’t.

Wild Naturals created a full line of eczema and psoriasis skin care to truly help reverse and heal your troubled skin. With natural ingredients that are known to heal, hydrate, and nourish, there is no better option for eczema skin than this brand. Visit the online store today to see the real results your skin can have with Wild Naturals and enjoy healthy, happy, moisturized skin at last.