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Ease the Symptoms of Eczema with Manuka Honey

By :Wild Naturals 0 comments
Ease the Symptoms of Eczema with Manuka Honey

ease the symptoms of eczema

Have you thought of the key points revolving around eczema? No, really thought about it? There’s so much hearsay and so many studies and different remedies out in the medicinal but also beauty world now. How are people with eczema supposed to sort out what’s just a gimmick and what actually works? What truly matters is how to ease the symptoms of eczema and the only key points to take note of are:

  1. Eczema is a skin problem that could lead to a lot of pain and discomfort, not to mention ITCHING.
  2. There are over-the-counter treatments, but there are also natural ones.
  3. One natural compound has been proven effective (and without any side effects like prescription medications!).

Eczema is a skin condition that could literally have you hiding from the world, especially if it develops on your face. There are available treatments near and far that could help in easing the symptoms of eczema. So what’s the one natural compound that’s most effective?


Manuka Honey!

The Goodness of Honey

Health sites like NHS provide that there are many ways to treat eczema. For starters, there are over-the-counter options available. Then creams and moisturizers to help in reducing swelling and delivering hydration to the cracked, very dry skin. Steroid ointments, tar shampoo, bleach baths…ouch, that seems like something you should never do, right? Aside from these, you should look at natural treatments available as well, especially when the increase in natural remedies for eczema continues to break the internet with the valuable resources and benefits for eczema sufferers!

Manuka honey remains at #1 for a natural eczema remedy.

There are a few variations to utilizing manuka honey for eczema:

Honey can be applied directly to the affected area. This does not only moisturize the skin, but it also helps in speeding up healing. Honey has long been touted as a natural antibacterial agent. It’s also a natural anti-inflammatory. It helps in healing the wounds resulting from the condition while promoting collagen production and cell renewal for healthier, smoother skin regeneration. In fact, honey also helps in boosting the immune system, which can aid in fighting off infection while activating its antimicrobial benefits to protect your health from the inside and out!

You can make a DIY honey mask and apply the honey directly to the skin, mixed simply with a little warm water and other ingredients like turmeric and coconut oil to name a few. Even the Kardashian’s have famously been quoted to use manuka honey for anti-aging and Kim’s outspoken battle with psoriasis. They’ve attributed the nectar moisturizing the skin, clearing up blemishes, and giving the complexion a glow.

Aside from celebrity endorsement, the boundless benefits of manuka honey are enough to click “add to cart” online right now. And while being in quarantine, stay at home orders, and social distancing can allow you the ability for frequent manuka honey masks for your eczema with ease, a skin care line with it would seem far easier to maintain in the long run – and that’s what skin care is all about, especially with a skin condition. Protecting your skin now, but also for the future so you can have young, plump, youthful skin for years to come with fewer triggers and harsh rashes!

Why Use Manuka Honey for Eczema?

The bacteria-fighting properties are crucial to combat staph and other topical infections eczema patients are so very prone to. Honey maintains moisture, something we definitely need to combat the dryness, flaking, and scaling that occurs with eczema. The skin barrier is known to be much weaker in those with eczema, therefore that extra barrier of protection is crucial.

We mentioned wound healing earlier in the article and it still stands. This is an absolute must for anyone with eczema – broken skin from scratching, dry, cracked skin, and red, open, oozing sores can all use a bit of healing. Manuka honey can also help reduce scarring that can occur from the broken skin that occurs from itching eczema outbreaks too much. Getting a handle on your eczema has a light at the end of the tunnel for like-new skin when you regularly use manuka honey to ease the symptoms of eczema!

Manuka Honey Skin Care

For the best products with the highest concentration of manuka honey (closest to the top of the ingredients list as possible), look no further than Wild Naturals! Our full line of Eczema & Psoriasis skin care is the solution you’ve been waiting for to help soothe and heal the damage caused by your eczema! Shop the online store today for everything from face and body to hair. We also just launched an aloe vera manuka honey gel which can be an alternative hand sanitizer without drying out your skin with harsh alcohol content!