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We Have a New Aloe Vera Gel! Discover All Its Benefits Here

By :Wild Naturals 0 comments
We Have a New Aloe Vera Gel! Discover All Its Benefits Here

Aloe vera is extensively used in beauty products and for good reason. It's rich antiviral and antibacterial properties, and the ability to help treat everything from constipation to diabetes, not just sunburns. The green cactus looking plant that sits out in your garden isn't just a plant with its roots in folklore, it's the crux of a million-dollar industry that extends from beauty creams to healthy juices and diet supplements.

Over time, aloe vera has seamlessly integrated itself into everything we use. But what makes this miracle plant so distinguishable? There are some incredible benefits of aloe vera that extend beyond soothing sunburns. So, keep reading to learn just how powerful this plant is for your skin.

All the Aloe Vera Benefits

Aloe vera can do much more than soothe sunburn. Its stems store water, creating a clear, gel-like substance that contains vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and amino acids. The leaves hold a gooey translucent gel, also extremely bitter, and known all over the world for its unbelievable healing properties. This translucent gel is made up of around 96% water, some organic and inorganic compounds, a type of protein that contains 18 of the 20 amino acids found in the body and lastly, Vitamin A, B, C and E.

This adaptation helps the succulent plant survive in tropical climates around the world — or in a pot in your windowsill — but the species can go beyond beautifying your garden. There's a long history of using aloe vera gel as a home remedy, and it's likely safe to use topically, according to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health.

Either snap a leaf off of your plant or stock up on a bottle of aloe vera gel. Like any other skin care product, do a patch test to see whether you are sensitive to the gel before putting it on inflamed skin.

So, the million-dollar questions: What is aloe vera gel good for?

  1. Easing irritation.

If you're dealing with redness, try reaching for aloe. The leaves’ goo contains compounds that suppress inflammation, as well as the pain reliever carboxypeptidase.

  1. Soothing psoriasis flare-ups.

Applying an aloe extract cream several times daily might reduce redness, scaling, and itching inflammation due to mild to moderate psoriasis. It may take a month or more to see improvements, however, so talk to your doctor about other treatment options if you're concerned.

  1. Fighting acne.

Beyond its antibacterial properties, the gel has salicylic acid, an exfoliant that unclogs pores and acts as an anti-inflammatory on acne-producing oil glands. Also look for products with benzoyl peroxide to kill pimple-causing bacteria and retinoids to prevent skin cells from clogging in the first place.

  1. Speeding up the healing process.

Aloe vera contains agents known to help inhibit fungi, bacteria, and viruses. It may help speed healing of wounds, including first- and second-degree burns, according to the Mayo Clinic. Always seek professional care if you have deep burns or burns covering a large area of the body.

  1. Helping with cold sores.

Dabbing on an aloe-containing cream could get that pesky lesion to go away faster due to those antiviral properties, some past research suggests. With all of its moisturizing and soothing benefits, aloe vera deserves some space on your counter for more than just the summer. Stock up on the gel or buy the plant itself straight from.

Aloe Vera in Skin Care

Since the skin needs nutrition of its own, aloe vera, when formulated into a properly designed personal care regimen can treat, exfoliate, restore, reveal and provide constant, impressive results to our skin. And we're about to show just how you can do that with Wild Naturals new Manuka Honey Aloe Vera Gel! And it's for these exact reasons that aloe vera is considered the miracle herb that can be used to treat wounds, minor cuts, dry skin and severe burns – and beyond when it comes to skin care benefits.

With the added ingredients in our skin care products to boost the properties of aloe vera, be prepared for a skin transformation that you’ll be sharing all over social media! Happy shopping!