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A New Grant Has Been Given to The Australian Manuka Honey Association: What This Means

By :Wild Naturals 0 comments
A New Grant Has Been Given to The Australian Manuka Honey Association: What This Means

manuka honey

Manuka honey has become one of the fastest marketing products out there. With the boundless benefits of consuming and applying manuka honey to your body, this magic honey has multiple markets begging for more of it. With a new grant given to the Australian Manuka Honey Association, this begs the questions that many are now wanting to discover: what is the big deal with this honey?

Manuka Honey Benefits

Australia and New Zealand both claim to be the honorary home base for the manuka bush, which grows the manuka flowers that bees pollinate and then produce into honey nectar back at their colony. Now with an over $150,000 grant given to the Australian Manuka Honey Association (AMHA) by the Australian government, this creates a new path and bigger expansion of the country’s honey production. The global market for manuka honey has grown exponentially in the last few years and Australia may be the spearheading the front in this international market.

The grant was given to the AMHA to help raise awareness of the unique properties and quality of manuka honey. The growing market for it has also allowed Australia to expand its production of manuka honey for medical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and nutraceutical purposes. What is so special about manuka honey, though?

Here are a few facts about the benefits of manuka honey:

  • It has the highest antibacterial count of any honey on the market, as honey contains natural quantities of hydrogen peroxide. This makes it coveted for getting rid of bacteria, combatting illnesses, such as sore throats and colds, aiding in oral health, and fighting acne.
  • It can heal burns, reduce scars, and protect against wrinkles. Manuka honey has amino acids that propel cellular regeneration and promote more collagen production. These are the building blocks of your skin's cells and therefore, can turn over healthier less damaged skin.
  • It is naturally a humectant, meaning it can pull in moisture from the air to the skin and hydrate unlike any other moisturizer.
  • Relieves eczema and psoriasis skin conditions. The healing and anti-inflammatory qualities of the honey are the perfect combination for skin irritations and problems. It reduces redness, inflammation, dryness, and helps to heal cracked, flaking skin.

The skin solutions from manuka honey have made it one of the biggest, growing trends in the beauty industry. With the natural benefits of manuka honey being so great, consumers are crying for this ingredient to be added to everyday skin care routines.

Wild Naturals Manuka Honey

With the grant allowing higher production of manuka honey, this market favorite isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Wild Naturals saw the incredible results from using manuka honey and formulated their own natural skin care line featuring it. With a full array of products from face care, body care, and hair care, you can receive all the benefits of manuka honey for your body from Wild Naturals.

Manuka honey isn’t the only star ingredient in this skin care brand. To aid your skin, the other star ingredients are: aloe vera instead of water, to help hydrate and accelerate skin cell growth by all the natural vitamins and minerals contained in it. Shea butter, this classic holds true to its name for ultimate hydration, regeneration, and protect against the environment. Coconut oil, another natural moisturizer favorite from its penetrating qualities. Blue-green algae contains almost every organic mineral known to mankind, high in proteins and fatty acids, and an excellent anti-aging fighter.

Two unlikely and rarely heard of ingredients included in the Wild Naturals lines are hemp seed oil and cehami flower extract. The first is incredibly nourishing from fatty acids, which increase blood flow, promote faster healing, and improves skins elasticity, reduces redness, and works wonders on dry skin. Cehami flower extract is a native Australian flower, a similar powerhouse to manuka honey with intense anti-inflammatory and cell regeneration properties.

With all of these remarkable natural ingredients benefiting alongside manuka honey, you can see why this new grant for AMHA is so important. To try the marvelous results of manuka honey in skin care, head over to the Wild Naturals online store today to see your skin become healthy, radiant, and nourished the right way!