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What Fashion Magazine Marie Claire Has to Say About Eczema

By :Wild Naturals 0 comments
What Fashion Magazine Marie Claire Has to Say About Eczema


An editor for Marie Claire from the UK has suffered from eczema her whole life and spoke out about it in an article published on fashion and beauty magazine’s website. While the article thoroughly goes over the different kinds of eczema all the way to if the skin condition is linked to diet, there is one big outpoint that it promotes – and that’s the treatment of dermatitis.

Different Types of Eczema

While the Marie Claire article is in-depth on the aspect of different kinds of eczema conditions, this is about all that is worthwhile about the piece. The main kind of eczema with the highest percentage worldwide is atopic dermatitis, where the skin condition becomes irritated and red, mainly in the crooks of limbs or on the face. It’s good information to be had, knowing the various types of eczema and the linked causes behind each of them. But why is the treatment section of the article so little? Eczema treatment has become so repetitive because the handling of this frustrating skin condition seems to have no other outlet.

Here are the different types of eczema to help you pinpoint what each one looks like and what it is stemmed from:

  • Dishydrotic Eczema: this is formed by small, fluid-filled blistered targeted on the hands or feet. They have raised bumps and can be quite incessantly itchy before bursting and turn to uncomfortable sores. This type of eczema has no known exact cause, though can be triggered by contact with allergens or heavy stress.
  • Contact Eczema: Allergens or environmental sensitivity are the main causes of this form of eczema. The skin becomes irritated, either by an allergy or touching certain metals or substances that the skin can longer protect against. The hands are the focal point of contact eczema as this is usually the first area of the body to touch foreign objects or substances.
  • Discoid Eczema: Inflamed skin that creates flat, red patches of dryness that become very itchy and are normally found on the arms or legs. This type of eczema is most common in middle-aged to elderly people. Intense moisturizers for severely dry skin is the handling of this condition.
  • Seborrheic Eczema: This type stems around heavy hair follicle areas of the body, such as the scalp, chest, even the eyebrows. Where there are more sebaceous glands, and more oil is produced, inflammation with this type of eczema occurs. An excessive amount of yeast is believed to cause this form of eczema and should be the main part to handle to reduce the severity of it.
  • Varicose Eczema: Believe it or not, but this type can actually come about from your varicose veins, the spidery looking marks found usually on the legs from dead veins. Around this area can become itchy and inflamed, which can be treated by improving circulation.

Seeing a professional dermatologist is best to diagnose which eczema you may have as there can be aspects of several types, though the treatment for it could differ from what you found online. However, unlike Marie Claire magazine, their treatment options of steroid creams and drugstore creams or lotions are not the proper choices at all for handling any type of eczema.

Wild Naturals Eczema Treatment

Though they have been used throughout the decades for dry skin, drugstore creams and moisturizers actually contain ingredients that should never be absorbed into the body. Ingredients like petroleum and mineral oil, as well as heaps of synthetic fillers, make up the majority of these products and can cause much more harm than good. Dry skin is not repaired or relieved by these skin care products, unfortunately.

Wild Naturals created a better and healthier alternative to eczema creams that work for your skin, not against it. With completely natural ingredients like aloe vera, manuka honey, coconut oil, and cehami flower extract, these all have properties to heal, hydrate, and soothe your skin. There are no chemicals, parabens, mineral oil, or fragrances added to any product from the Wild Naturals lines, all of which can further irritate your eczema.

Head over to the Wild Naturals online store to check out the real eczema cream that will finally show you the results you want and the relief you have been looking for!