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Why You Should Switch to Sulphate Free Face Wash

By :Ryan Duminy 0 comments
Why You Should Switch to Sulphate Free Face Wash

 sulphate free face wash

If you are always looking for ‘chemical-free’ labels on your face wash, you already know why you should avoid ingredients such as sulphates and need to switch to a sulphate free face cleanser. For those that still love foaming their faces squeaky clean with SLS, it's time you make the switch too. Why, you ask? Let us explain…

The Bad News about Sulphates

Often, the ingredients present in your face wash are not enough to remove dirt from the layers of your skin as it is fat soluble. To give you the feel of a fresh face, cosmetic industries have been adding cleansing ingredients that lather well and remove oil and impurities from within. 

The only problem here is that the cleansing ingredients used in these face washes are the same as the cleansing agents used in detergents, car cleaners, kitchen cleansers and more. These heavy chemicals can irritate your skin and have long lasting side effects too. This is exactly why brands and consumers are becoming more cautious with their ingredients and making a switch towards sulphate- free face washes or plant-based products.

Why are Sulphates Bad for Your Skin?

Being an industry grade chemical, sulphates in face wash can be aggressive for your skin and potentially strip off all the natural oils present. When your face is lacking natural oil, it lacks softness and suppleness. Dry skin leads to dehydrated, flaky, and dull skin, due to lack of moisture.

All of this may want you to switch to thicker creams but if your face cleanser contains sulphates, you may want to ditch your face wash completely. Sulphates (or sulfates, same thing) also creates an imbalance in your skin by disrupting its natural pH levels, causing your skin to break out and experience irritation, rashes, inflammation, and acne as well. These are just some of the harmful effects of sulphates on skin.

Sulphate-Free Face Wash Benefits

Sulphates in face wash have side effects that can harm your skin health in the long term. Which is why, here are our favorite reasons why you should totally invest in some of the best sulphate-free face wash today.

Suitable for All Skin Types:
A sulfate-free face wash is free from all the harsh detergents that are harmful for your skin. You can see a wave of change within brands opting for plant-based ingredients in their face wash and cleansers. Sulphate-free face cleansers are curated with natural ingredients, making them extra safe for people with different skin types.

Prevents Skin Damage:
Face washes with sulphates are alkaline, which cause an increase in skin’s sensitivity. Sensitive skin is usually coupled with inflammation and dry flares. A face wash with stronger alkaline damages the collagen present in the skin and causes premature ageing as well. A sulphate-free face wash benefits you by keeping your face hydrated and the natural ingredients present in the formula boost collagen production of your skin, which prevents premature aging.

No More Dry Skin:
A sulphate-free face wash benefits you greatly if you have dry skin as it is created with nourishing ingredients that can gel with water and get rid of any dirt on the skin without being harsh or drying the face. A sulphate-free face wash will gently cleanse your skin without stripping off the natural moisture of your skin. This leaves your skin supple, soft, and smooth through the day.

Goodness of Nature:
The best sulphate-free face wash comes with ingredients that moisturize your skin and restore hydration. This is because a sulphate-free face wash uses natural ingredients that can benefit your skin in the long run. Going natural means your skin isn’t exposed to chemicals that disrupt its natural health.

Safe for the Environment:
Products that are free from harsh chemicals like sulphates are great for the environment as they are plant- based and organic. Sodium lauryl sulphate is known to be toxic to aquatic lives when released into the waters as it increases the acidification of water, which is irritant to the respiratory tract of the aquatic lives.

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Sulphate-Free Face Wash

From the beginning of the day to its end, we all reach for our face wash to keep our face clean at all times. Although the least glamorous of the routine, your face wash sets the base right for the rest of your skincare and make up. Hence, doing it right is very important.

Below are some things to note down before reaching for a sulphate- free face wash.

Know Your Skin Type:
Choosing a face wash without sulphate or any other harmful chemicals needs to be highly personalized as its ingredients need to suit your skin type the best. Unlike the usual products with chemicals, natural and organic products use ingredients that may or may not suit your skin type and its benefits are dependent on how your skin reacts to the product. Make sure the ingredients in your face wash work extremely well for your skin type.

Strike Your Balance:
Face wash without sulphate does not have chemicals that can clean your face from layers deep in one go. This simply means if your natural face wash isn’t strong enough, it will not clean your face deeply and leave behind some dirt and residue on the layer of your skin.

If your natural face wash is too strong, it may lead to dry skin. While a natural face wash does suit all skin types, it doesn’t mean you cannot experiment with ingredients that work best for you. Choose a face wash that cleanses your face well without leaving any residue.

Go Through All The Ingredients:
Just because a certain product is sulphate-free, it does not mean it is free from other harmful products such as silicone, paraben etc. Take a closer look at the ingredients of your face wash to ensure that everything in it is harmful chemical-free and safe for use.

The Takeaway

 If you don’t believe us, try it out for yourself and see the difference. For natural, sulphate-free face wash, consider Wild Naturals with all-star ingredients and amazing formulas that work for you, not against you!