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Why is Sodium Chloride Bad For Hair?

By :Wild Naturals 0 comments
Why is Sodium Chloride Bad For Hair?

why is sodium chloride bad for hair

Wouldn’t it be nice if everything we picked up off the shelves at stores would give us the exact results we want? (Clear skin, no wrinkles, easy way to shed those stuck at home pounds from covid?) The same goes for our shampoo and how it should be giving us full, shiny, healthy hair, right? With an ample supply of product choices available on the shelf and online, how do we determine what is best to purchase? 

Most shampoo really isn’t good for our hair, and while it might smell nice, does the fragrance really out beat the results your hair should have from it? We didn’t think so. Read about one ingredient that you should be checking on the back of the shampoo bottle and why it’s damaging your hair more than it is helping. What’s the ingredient?

Sodium Chloride.

Read why this salt-based lather is actually ruining your hair…

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Big Shampoo  Brands

No one wants to purchase something that doesn’t work for the purpose they bought it for. More importantly, avoiding the purchase of harmful products that will further damage our hair or skin is the last thing we would want! As most people enjoy certain aspects of shampoos and conditioners, those factors that make them so appealing in smell, foam or color may be affecting your health negatively.

 Choosing natural products can help you completely avoid this fear, but even items that claim natural ingredients may be hiding something. Sodium chloride, otherwise known as table salt, is widely used in shampoos across the market. What makes this so abundant in shampoos, and is there a quality shampoo without sodium chloride?

Why Sodium Chloride is Bad For Your Hair

We can naturally consume salt, so being in our shampoo and not even getting close to eating it is okay right? Wrong.

When shampoos have a thick consistency that allows an easy spread across the whole head of hair, it may seem as if you are getting a little bit of product that goes a long way. This theory may make you seem more comfortable with your purchase regarding the value of the shampoo. Sodium chloride provides this thick consistency in shampoos. Here are some ways this ingredient is harming your hair.

Spreading this on your hair can actually promote dryness and even make you develop an itchy scalp- no one wants that. Stripping of essential moisture in your hair can be extremely irritating for your scalp and hair strands as it could make them weaker.

 People who undergo keratin treatments will especially not benefit from this ingredient, as it will undo the effects. As this is generally an expensive treatment, reversing the effects would be quite troublesome.

Sodium Chloride is actually considered an irritant, and slightly hazardous. With accidental eye contact, the ingredient could create a burning or itching aggravation.

As one of the top ingredients in many shampoos, sodium chloride can affect the color of your hair and dehydrate the strands. Sulfates can potentially strip a layer of your hair, and the natural protective barrier of your hair will be damaged.

Being vigilant about the product ingredients that you use and by choosing sulfate and sodium chloride free shampoo and conditioner can help maintain healthy hair and skin. Leaving your hair and skin dry, defenseless, and stripped, is what many shampoos end up doing, despite their marketing claims. Common shampoo can actually remove your acid mantle, a thin layer which provides the first line of defense against bacteria and the environment. As some soaps and shampoos are believed to be a trigger for eczema and psoriasis, its best to avoid these altogether.

The Right Shampoo You Should Choose Instead

Your skin and hair are perfectly pH balanced at 5.5, just like Wild Naturals Shampoo and Conditioner.

This is sodium chloride free shampoo, and will not result in dryness from this unnecessary ingredient. It is also made without sulfates, sodium lauryl sulfate, fragrance, dyes, phthalates, or harsh preservatives! These additional ingredients which are highly used in other shampoos can seep into your scalp and skin, leaving your body to deal with harmful chemical effects.

 Wild Naturals shampoo is a highly concentrated formula and actually does not have added water like most first ingredients in shampoos. Aloe vera is the first ingredient, as it includes vitamins A, C, B, and E. It also has minerals such as zinc, calcium, magnesium, and copper. Hydration is given immensely with aloe vera, as well as accelerated skin cell growth.

Other shampoo ingredients in Wild Naturals products include manuka honey, coconut oil extract, and cehami flower extract to give beneficial healing qualities to hair and skin. Manuka honey and cehami flower extract do not only have antibacterial qualities for the best cleansing but also are anti-inflammatories, used to reduce itchiness.

Manuka honey also has its own blend of vitamins and minerals. Coconut oil extract is used in the shampoo to create a light foaming agent, naturally. To accomplish the real results for your hair, Wild Naturals provides sulfate and sodium chloride free shampoo and conditioner that you will love!

Go get the hair you've been dreaming about for so long with us!