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Unearthing the Skin Care Powers of Cehami Flower Extract

By :Wild Naturals 0 comments
Unearthing the Skin Care Powers of Cehami Flower Extract

cehami flower extract

The growth of natural skin care popping up in stores and online has already been well underway for the last few years, and yet there’s one ingredient that everyone isn’t asking about but should be – and that’s cehami flower extract. What is this cehami flower and why should it matter to you? Oh, you’ll want to keep reading to discover just how powerful and coveted cehami extract is for your skin!

What is Cehami Flower?

Like some of the other most potent and renowned skincare elements, the cehami flower originates from Australia. This flower is a quality botanical from the daisy family and packs quite a punch in its benefits. What can a small flower do in terms of helping your skin out? A lot! Cehami is potent in anti-inflammatory properties, as well as cell regeneration, antimicrobial (meaning it kills microorganisms and protects against them), and sun protection.

All of these benefits are vital to healing of any kind – not to mention that healing your skin equals maintaining that youthful look longer! Plus, not only does cehami extract have healing properties, it also is three times more active than aspirin as an analgesic, which is anti-pain and anti-itch. These qualities in skin care promote healthy, soothed, and radiant skin! What more could you want?

Oh, well how about hydrated skin?

Being a flower extract, cehami retains moisture, making it one of the best ingredients for hydrating the skin. When you use such powerful and natural ingredients in your skin care, the results are tremendous. A lot of us these days are plagued with irritated and inflamed skin caused by stress, the environment, damaging UV rays and skin conditions. Cehami flower extract is excellent to have in your skin care products to help reduce redness, pain, and itchiness – meaning that your skin can feel relief and heal itself. Are you hooked yet?

Cehami Flower Extract in Skin Care

There are certainly some skin care lines that promote cehami flower extract in their products, but only one has been proven to show ultimate results. Wild Naturals skin care products all boast the healing and anti-inflammatory rich cehami flower extract. There are no hidden ingredients or up charged costs for a famous brand name attached to the skin care. Wild Naturals uses all-natural ingredients without the outrageous price tag.

The key list of ingredients found in every Wild Naturals product is:

Organic Aloe Vera – the first ingredient on the list and the substitute for water in our products!

Manuka Honey – highly beneficial alongside cehami extract for an extra boost in anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and anti-aging properties.

Shea Butter – the ultimate ingredient used in skin care worldwide for its protection on skin from burns or wounds to strengthening skin.

Coconut Oil – another crucial component of any natural line for its penetrating qualities and intense moisturization.

Hemp Seed Oil – this ancient seed that has had its own spotlight in natural skin care for both body and hair, its fatty acids contents nourish while increasing blood flow and elasticity to the skin.

Having all of these impressive ingredients packed into individual skin care products can only result in amazing, transformed skin that reverses the clock! Choose from Wild Naturals whole array of products from body creams, face wash, face cream, body wash, and even shampoo and conditioner. Each one is pH balanced to match the pH levels of your own skin, helping to soak in and receive the full benefits of the product!

If you’ve been searching for the right skin care line but have been coming up short on everything you want it to do, then look no further. Natural, beneficial, potent – these all spell out Wild Naturals skin care and featuring the prevailing qualities of the Australian cehami flower! Check out our store and shop the most nutrient-filled skin care line on the market! You have to try it to believe it for yourself!