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The Ins & Outs of What Hemp Seed Oil Really Is

By :Wild Naturals 0 comments
The Ins & Outs of What Hemp Seed Oil Really Is

hemp seed oil

Hemp oil, more accurately called hemp seed oil, is used in many topical skin care products and cosmetics. Although as consumers we shorthand it to "hemp oil," hemp seed oil is the cannabis product most often used in over-the-counter skin care products and cosmeceuticals. If you’re looking for a nourishing and beneficial oil to help transform your dull, irritated skin, look no further than hemp seed oil!

What Is Hemp Oil?

Now, you might be wondering what is unique about hemp oil and why are so many people using it in their skincare routines? Hemp seed oil is obtained from pressing the seeds of the cannabis plant (Cannabis sativa L. is how you’ll spot in on the back of the ingredients list). Unrefined hemp seed oil is a dark greenish color with a mildly nutty aroma. Refined hemp seed oil is clear with little to no smell, but it doesn't contain as many of the skin-health benefits.

Hemp seed oil has become a very popular skin care ingredient thanks to these valuable properties:

  • Rich in fatty acids
  • Improves skin tone
  • Nourishes dry skin
  • Reduces redness
  • Helps skin elasticity

When it comes to a natural ingredient that boosts anti-aging elements, as well as soothes irritations, hemp seed oil should be one of your top go-to applications!

Cannabis, Hemp, and Marijuana

Understanding the differences between cannabis, hemp, and marijuana can be confusing because marijuana and hemp all come from the same plant, Cannabis sativa. The distinction is the variety of the plant. Cannabis is the name of a family of plants. Hemp is a variety within this family, and marijuana is another variety in the family.

Think of the types of tomatoes you find at the grocery store, like big beefsteak tomatoes versus small Roma tomatoes. Both come from the same plant (tomato vine) but are different varieties, and therefore, they produce different results if you were to cook with them. They would vary in nutrients, taste, texture, and more.

In the case of cannabis, the varieties differ in the amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that they contain. THC is the psychoactive constituent responsible for the high that cannabis gives.

Hemp generally contains very little THC, so it has no psychoactive effects. As a result, hemp seed oil contains trace to no amounts of THC. (This, however, is under some scrutiny as some studies have shown that certain hemp seed oils may have detectable levels of THC. This could be the result of the oil becoming contaminated with other parts of the hemp plant during production.)

Hemp seed oil won't get you high. And hemp seed oil is legal to be used and sold in skincare products.

Hemp Oil vs. CBD Oil

Hemp oil and cannabidiol (CBD) oil are also often confused with one another. Although they are obtained from the same plant, hemp oil and CBD oil are very different. CBD is a chemical compound found in the cannabis plant (both marijuana and hemp). You may be surprised to learn that hemp seed oil is naturally rich in CBD.

Hemp seed oil is comprised of a wide variety of different compounds, with CBD being just a tiny part. CBD is found throughout the entire plant, including stalks, seeds, leaves, and flowers.

While hemp seed oil is produced by simply pressing the seeds of the hemp plant, CBD oil is created by extracting and isolating the CBD compound. This compound is then blended with different ingredients to create a CBD product. Olive oil is most often used as a base to create a CBD oil.

CBD itself does not have psychoactive effects, but it can be formulated with THC for a product that does cause a high. CBD oil is often used for medicinal purposes. Hemp-extracted CBD oil is also used in over-the-counter skin care products, but it's not nearly as common a cosmetic ingredient as hemp seed oil.

It's also important to know that hemp oil is not the same as marijuana oil or cannabis oil, either. Cannabis oil is extracted from the entire plant and has both CBD and THC. Cannabis oil is legal only in states that have legalized marijuana.

Wild Naturals Hemp Seed Oil Products

With the abundant benefits to hemp seed oil in skin care, there’s no lack of it here at Wild Naturals. From the rich hydration to the anti-aging components, our face cream, body cream, or eczema & psoriasis cream features hemp seed oil to soothe and repair any trouble skin types! Visit the online store today and embrace this incredible natural ingredient into your skin care regimen!