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The Importance of Using Fragrance-Free Skin Care Products

By :Wild Naturals 0 comments
The Importance of Using Fragrance-Free Skin Care Products

fragrance free skin care products

From the first glance in the morning and into the last glimpse of the evening, our skin is being noticed by our biggest critique, ourselves. The interest in skin care products to correct and improve our skin is on a rise among women and men desiring results. With skin care products on the rise and ingredient labels becoming more imperative to our health concerns, it’s important to avoid fragrance components in our products.

Why? Good question. As fragrance has played a role in products for years, many people have a hard time accepting fragrance being a problem for skin. Let’s dive into why you should avoid using fragrance in both your skin and hair care products.

The Problem With Synthetic Fragrance in Products

One of the most concerning factors of fragrance in skin care products is the fact that legally U.S manufacturers can hide hundreds of synthetic chemicals in the word fragrance. This can be done without revealing the name of those true ingredients in the product. Not labeling fragrance ingredients was first originated when fragrance houses wanted to hide their secret formulas made from oils and flowers. This is no longer what the government is now protecting, as more than 3,000 chemicals are being absorbed, inhaled, and ingested daily from these cover-ups. Yikes!

Reactions to Synthetic Products

As many people suffer from sensitive skin, even skin that is not normally sensitive can have adverse reactions to fragrance. Research has concluded that fragrances in skin care products have resulted in the most common negative skin reactions. The unfavorable reaction that scent in fragrances can result is possible with all skin types, so there’s no avoiding it. Damage from chemicals residing in synthetic fragrance may not show a primary reaction by skin aggravation on the surface, which is an even scarier concept.

The short-term problems of these chemicals will worsen in the long-term and that’s what we need to care about and realize. This is similarly done when sunscreen is not being worn regularly. The damage from the sun advances to potentially deadly which can happen whether or not a sunburn or tan is present superficially. Fragrance-free skin care products are beginning to overtake desires for health-conscious product users, and that should be your same outlook.

What Are The Alternatives to Fragrance in Skin Care?

Deciphering ingredient labels shouldn't look like a college chemistry test. Many fragrances are meant to mask the aroma of the actual skin care ingredients that don’t necessarily smell pleasant. Many natural skin care products have good smelling qualities, instead of having to be masked by fake scents.

 Ingredients that have natural satisfying scents are those such as shea butter, aloe vera, coconut oil, cehami flower extract, and manuka honey. For resolving common skin problems such as dryness, redness, acne, psoriasis, eczema, scars, itchiness, and more, fragrance-free skin care products are best, with bountiful benefits that will instantly convert you.

Besides, many natural ingredients will prove more effective than synthetic ingredients, like fragrance-free face cream will benefit the everyday appearance we crave to improve. Products like fragrance-free face cream have unique natural healing ingredients and are made specially to be pleasant without synthetic fragrance added, which is great for people with sensitive skin or skin conditions like eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis. By using fragrance-free facial products, your skin and future health will be rewarded now and for many years to come!

Fragrance-Free Choices by Wild Naturals

As we know that putting things on our skin does absorb it, the premise of reading ingredients and doing prior buying research is becoming a norm. Educating ourselves regarding the ingredients and properties of skin care ingredients is so important to our health and shouldn’t be neglected, especially when we have fast methods to check (thank you Google search).

Wild Naturals skin care products ensure chemical-free and fragrance-free products, with the best natural ingredients you can find! There are many choices out there for natural skin care products, but not all have simple, working ingredients at high concentrations. Fragrance-free skin care products at Wild Naturals have proven to show that they work for every skin concern and skin type (just check out reviews if you don’t believe us). 

Skin care products made to cleanse, correct, moisturize, and protect all while being fragrance-free can be found at Wild Naturals. Happy shopping!