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The 6 Truths of Manuka Honey Skin Care You Won’t Believe

By :Ryan Duminy 0 comments
The 6 Truths of Manuka Honey Skin Care You Won’t Believe

manuka honey skin care

From kale, to turmeric, to coconut oil, we can’t get enough of trendy superfoods and their skin care benefits. Our latest obsession: manuka honey. While raw honey can help hydrate the skin, manuka honey, which is produced by honey bees feeding on the manuka tree, can do that and so much more (it has anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and even anti-bacterial benefits).

Interested in incorporating it into your skin care routine? Below we detail the mind-blowing skin care benefits of manuka honey and why it’s a must have during winter for glowing, healthy skin…

The Science Behind Manuka Honey

Manuka honey is derived from the Manuka tree, scientifically known as Leptospermum scoparium. This unique unifloral honey was first introduced into dermatology for its antibacterial and anti-fungal activities. Now, Manuka honey is widely distributed throughout Australia and New Zealand, and is marketed as a cosmetic raw material. When infused into product formulations, Manuka honey uses provide the ability to provide astringent properties and improve skin hydration levels.

The constituents of Manuka honey responsible for its skin-defending, astringent characteristics are trimethoxybenzoic acid, syringate acid, methyl syringate. These acids were found to effectively inhibit the growth of a variety of skin flora that depend not only on hydrogen peroxide but also cytotoxic metabolites. In addition, using manuka honey for skin hydration affects the osmotic pressure which controls the skin’s water balance. Not only can this further inhibit the growth of microorganisms on the skin’s surface, but also help to reduce water-loss and improve overall moisture levels. Altogether, Manuka honey is a wonderful asset to combination skin care, and is highly recommended for obtaining natural skin care benefits. 

Here's 6 amazing benefits your skin can receive by incorporating manuka honey skin care products into your regimen:

1. Aids in Anti-Aging Efforts

The first step to reducing the appearance of wrinkles is moisture. Manuka honey retains moisture without making skin oily, making it a fabulous addition to an anti-aging skin care routine. The elasticity of our skin helps to fend off wrinkles. The sagging of our skin that causes wrinkles comes from the reduction of collagen and elastin proteins, a duo that work together to help keep skin firm but able to stretch and bounce back.  

Studies show that Manuka Honey may protect and even increase collagen levels. It’s rich in vitamins, including Vitamin C, known to help protect and enhance collagen production and cell regeneration processes. 

Keep your skin looking and feeling fresh, young and healthy by incorporating Manuka Honey into your skin care routine.  

2. Helps Retain Moisture

Speaking of moisture, manuka honey has hydrating properties that can help give you a glowing complexion. Hydration is key for radiant, soft, supple-looking skin. When applied to your skin, manuka honey will absorb moisture from the air and hold it in. Manuka Honey has emollient properties, meaning that it provides the skin with a natural barrier to hold in moisture. Emollients are added to many moisturizers for the same purpose, but by using a Manuka Honey face moisturizer, you get the benefits naturally. 

3. Reduces the Appearance of Acne

Like us, you’re probably always on the hunt for new ways to help fight breakouts. If that’s the case, you’ll be pleased to hear that manuka honey may help. Well, luckily Manuka honey can be used to help address acne blemishes. Blemishes can occur from a multitude of causes from hormones to your environment, diet, and genetics.

If your skin is relatively clear from acne or spots, then its natural defenses against bacteria and clogged pores are working properly. Evidence suggests that Manuka Honey is packed full of antibacterial and antimicrobial components. These help to protect the skin’s pores against the build up and spread of microorganisms which cause acne.  

4. Has Healing Properties

Beyond helping with everyday skin conditions like dryness and acne, manuka honey has been shown to have antimicrobial and wound-healing properties, according to the National Institute of Biotechnology Information. Manuka honey is known for its cell regeneration abilities and anti-aging benefits.

The honey is bursting with natural minerals and vitamins, which boost amino acid function in the skin and encourage collagen production. As we all are aware, collagen is the anti-aging goldmine and keeping the formulation of it high means younger looking skin for everyone!

5. Offers Anti-Inflammatory and Antibacterial Effects 

Manuka honey possesses both of those sought-after properties. Due to Manuka honey's anti-inflammatory properties, it can soothe and help to heal inflamed acne and can help to relieve redness and other skin conditions such as eczema in a completely natural way.

6. Balances Your Skin’s pH & Immune System 

The trick to knowing whether your skin is healthy is whether you can feel it or not. This might sound silly, but if your skin is neither too tight nor too dry to feel discomfort, then something must be going right. It’s likely that your skin is adequately hydrated and healthy.

If this is not the case however, you may need to intervene. Scleroderma is the term for the more extreme cases of tight skin, often caused by a malfunctioning immune system producing too much collagen. Consult your doctor or dermatologist if you suspect this condition, but in the meantime, Manuka Honey may give you some natural relief.

Scientists have found Manuka Honey to be immunomodulatory, meaning that it can regulate the immune system. This, along with its humectant and pH balancing qualities suggests that Manuka Honey may aid in cell regeneration, hydration and protection from bacterial invaders. All of these things are important in remedying dry and tight skin.  

Manuka Honey Skin Care

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