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Taking a Bath with Eczema? It is Possible

By :Wild Naturals 0 comments
Taking a Bath with Eczema? It is Possible

eczema bath

If you have eczema, it’s hard to do anything relaxing for yourself, even something as so simple as taking a bath. With flare-ups and dry, scaly rashes that itch and can be painful, doing anything for the rest of your body can be a nightmare. Look no further than manuka honey products to give you the ability to bathe peacefully, without triggering your eczema.

Washing with Eczema

There are plenty of theories surrounding eczema and cleaning yourself. For instance, many believe that a bath when you have eczema is a recipe for disaster. Plenty of people are firm on the belief that bathing dries the skin out further and doesn’t help eczema relief at all, not even oatmeal baths. Showering has to be a quick and cool temperature affair, then quickly drenching yourself f in lotion right after.

What is most overlooked isn’t the actual aspect of bathing, or the water, but the products used during the process. One of the biggest no-no’s for eczema sufferers is to use soap. Soap has ingredients that are harsh and make the skin pull. Soap is so processed and diluted with fillers that it irritates the skin more than it helps keep it clean. Same concept applies to frequent hand washing – it’s not how many times your hands are wet, but the drying effects of the soap without a moisturizer to follow.

Most people with eczema use eczema-specific lotions and moisturizers, which is another faux pas. For decades, petroleum and mineral oil have been spotlighted as helpful for eczema, rashes, and heavily moisturizing. This is all false. These bi-products of gasoline are occlusive agents, meaning they leave an invisible film over the skin that keeps anything and everything from penetrating into the skin, including air and the moisturizing elements in lotions or creams.

If you want to take a bath and you have eczema, there is hope.

Hope comes in the form of manuka honey! This powerful nectar derived from the pollination of the Manuka flowers found on the Manuka bush, which are native to New Zealand and certain parts of Australia, is breaking the foundation of eczema and psoriasis treatments worldwide. The natural properties of manuka honey make it a dream for dry skin and skin problems.

These are the main benefits of manuka honey for the skin:

  • Intensely hydrating.
  • Heals wounds, scars, and is anti-aging.
  • Antibacterial and antimicrobial.
  • Anti-inflammatory.

Changing out your normal, drugstore brands for manuka honey skin care will show you a whole new side to eczema that is relieved, soothed, and reduces flare-ups. Body wash and hair care are vital to the triggers of eczema, as the ingredients found in most products are too harsh for eczema skin (and all products are rinsed out, falling down the length of your body).

Manuka honey shampoo benefits are vast, not only for your skin but the hair as well. Manuka honey body wash should be used in tandem with a manuka honey face and body cream to give you the best results for treating your eczema!

Wild Naturals Eczema Line

What could be better than discovering a hair and skin care line that is specifically formulated for eczema and psoriasis sufferers? Wild Naturals created a full line of hair, body, and face products for eczema and psoriasis for this exact purpose. You shouldn’t have to take prescribed medications and harmful skin care products to “cure” your skin problems. Shop the Wild Naturals online store today for relieved eczema and the right shower products to use to start loving a relaxing bath again!