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Natural Skincare & Its Skyrocketing Popularity

By :Wild Naturals 0 comments
Natural Skincare & Its Skyrocketing Popularity

wild naturals manuka honey cream

The industry for skincare and beauty products has been around for hundreds of years. In more present times, the popularity of natural skincare and natural products boasted on the ad campaigns has risen to new levels unlike anything in the last twenty years.

Beauty Then & Now

Drugstore skincare was acceptable even by the wealthy as high-quality products. But the increase in petroleum and mineral oil in skincare created more faux-pas than the beauty industry thought it would. Harsh chemicals ruled skincare for a very long time until research and scientists learned more about the long-term effects of them on the skin.

Trying to reverse damage was impossible with parabens and harsh fragrances, along with the other bad ingredients mixed into creams and lotions. People were having the hardest time finding a product that worked for their skin and didn’t create the wrong result. Skin is sensitive and delicate, which would seem to call for gentle products to care for it. It was not the case for decades.

Now, the beauty industry has discovered natural products and the benefits of having them in their skincare lines. Vitamins, honey, herbal ingredients – these all have tremendous benefits for your skin. Just like with organic foods being the go-to grocery items, the same applies to natural skincare. Why would you put chemicals in your body, let along on your body?

Skincare lovers know the importance of hydrating and nourishing the body, to keep up with the free radicals in the air and daily stressors. Many beauty lines have since taken up the natural path for their products and campaign to showcase the actual results of chemical-free skincare.

Benefits of Manuka Honey in Skincare

Manuka honey is one of the forefront ingredients in natural beauty products. The antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and healing benefits of manuka honey have caused a surge in adding it to skincare. Ingesting it has wonderful benefits, but so does applying it to your skin. If you have a harsh skin rash like eczema or psoriasis, or just dry skin, manuka honey skincare can immensely help relieve it.

Manuka honey also has amazing anti-aging benefits, stimulating the production of collagen and regenerating properties. It naturally has a blend of vitamins, minerals and amino acids in it, further giving your skin a natural boost. Using a lotion or moisturizer with manuka honey has incredible hydrating benefits, keeping your skin soft and supple.

Wild Natural’s Skincare

Many beauty brands offer natural ingredients in their skincare lines, but that also means a higher price tag for natural. Are all skincare lines expensive? Not at all. Wild Naturals was created for the affordable and natural ingredients listed in it, without the heavy price tag. Most products are made with water, diluting the potency of the mixture and added as a filler so not as much product is put in each container. Wild Naturals is one of the few brands that uses no water in its products, instead, our first ingredient is organic aloe vera!

We pride ourselves on our list of ingredients and what is NOT added to our products, such as mineral oil, petroleum, parabens, dyes, and fragrances. All of these harms your skin and Wild Natural’s honor is about helping to heal and relieve your skin. Not only is our ingredient list top notch, but our products are pH balanced as well, soaking straight into your skin for ultimate results. Browse our shop for manuka honey rich products and be happy with the price, not the upcharge for the name of the brand! Wild Natural cares more for the health of your skin and achieving the results you want, nothing else.