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Manuka Honey vs Raw Honey: The Difference in Benefits

By :Wild Naturals 0 comments
Manuka Honey vs Raw Honey: The Difference in Benefits

manuka honey vs raw honey

Looking for natural skin care that that does it all? Manuka honey might just be the magical ingredient your skin needs! How can honey be a skin care ingredient? However, it’s important to know the difference in manuka honey and raw honey when researching this golden skin care ingredient! The comparison of the two in terms of properties and benefits for your skin is night and day.

Why Manuka Honey and Raw Honey Are Not the Same Thing

Radiant, glowing, youthful, blemish-free skin – if you're anything like us, it's something we'd love to have 'round the clock, but in reality, with the change of weather, environment, and stress-levels, one slip up on the skin care routine and our skin doesn't always play ball. And with so many products out there, all boasting a range of benefits, it can be hard to know where to begin or what products would best suit your skin.

That's why, when we heard about a five-in-one, natural ingredient that could help control a whole list of skin woes, we were all ears! This, my friends is manuka honey. What is manuka honey? Is that raw honey? While all raw honey has health benefits, this very special variety of honey, collected from the Manuka tree and native to New Zealand, has been proven to have a substantially higher level of antibacterial and restorative properties: namely Hydrogen Peroxide and Methylglyoxal (MG).

It packs a huge punch in terms of natural abilities and benefits for you both inside and outside that you would never have thought possible for honey to accomplish! So much so that it's used in both traditional and modern medicine, and now as a main ingredient for skin care products! Raw honey contains much lower concentrations of these benefits and antibacterial properties, meaning you’ll have to use it far more often and a lot more of it to reach the same level that manuka honey can achieve in a smaller amount.

To put in a better context, here are the four most important differences between manuka honey and raw honey:

  1. Raw honey is the state of almost every honey before the refining process. It usually contains pieces of propolis or honeycomb as it is unfiltered and does not go through pasteurizing, meaning it retains its mineral and antioxidant levels that are usually lost through heating it before going into production. Manuka honey is created only from bees pollinating the manuka bush and keeps its natural, thicker quality from this unique, native plant.
  2. Manuka honey is rare, created only from one part of the world whereas raw honey is collected from anywhere bees are kept or live. This could mean that raw honey is from plants that can be from all over the world.
  3. Manuka honey has the highest hydrogen peroxide and MG counts than any other honey. Its antimicrobial properties are far more superior than raw honey.
  4. Manuka honey is used in the medical industry in burn units to help heal and nourish damaged skin. There is no other honey used in medicine except manuka honey.

While eating manuka honey over raw honey is highly beneficial for many health reasons, using it on your skin is a whole other story. Manuka honey in skin care can transform your skin into the dream texture and appearance you’ve been desiring for years! Because of its long list of benefits, utilizing them to repair, exfoliate, and hydrate your skin is the entire goal of your skin care routine.

Make having beautiful, clear, glowing skin easier with a skin care line that is rich in manuka honey! Shop the online store at Wild Naturals for all the benefits of manuka honey for your skin.