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How to Help Your Eczema During Winter

By :Wild Naturals 0 comments
How to Help Your Eczema During Winter


Winter can be a painful time to have an eczema flare-up. Eczema is a skin condition that causes a scaly, dry, and itchy rash on top of the skin. Eczema is mostly found in children but can affect adults as well. Children with eczema either grow out of the skin condition by their teenage years, or it can remain with them into adulthood.

Eczema Treatment

Eczema can be so bad that the itching can keep someone with the skin condition up at night and not sleep. There are many triggers of eczema and no known cure has been found for it, only treatment options to help with the symptoms and itchiness. You can consult any dermatologist when you spot the onset of eczema, though sometimes people ignore the starting stage as just a simple rash or skin irritation.

These are some of the symptoms of it and to watch out for on yourself or children:

  • Severe itching heightened at night
  • Dry, scaly patches varying from red to brownish-gray in color on the skin
  • Small, raised bumps which can leak fluid and scab over if scratched too much
  • Thick, dry, cracked, and scaly skin
  • Sensitive skin that looks raw

Apparently, half of the children with eczema can develop asthma or hay fever. These health problems are certainly not what is desired on top of an incurable skin condition. Eczema treatment options are plenty and vary from staying hydrated, avoiding hot baths as this can flare up the sensitive skin and irritate the rash. Taking vitamins to help nourish your skin is also advised, along with using a humidifier rather than a heating system in your home. Heat is an activator for eczema.

Eczema Cream

The main product for treating eczema above all else are specific eczema creams. These are made with eczema in mind and are given as a treatment for the skin rash. The problem with store bought or drug store eczema cream is that they are usually manufactured with cheap, chemical-filled ingredients. Of course, they will have beneficial ingredients, though most likely not natural and can, in the end, do more harm than good.

Most people treating eczema in the last 100 years have stuck with the staples of hydrocortisone creams and the old classic oatmeal baths. There are also the go-to Aveeno and Eucerin body lotions, the first which uses petroleum and the latter with mineral oil – skincare no-nos. These other ingredients can counteract the active colloidal oat ingredient in them, effectively reversing the benefits of it for eczema.

However, with skincare turning more and more natural in recent years, the world is finally realizing that clean, from the Earth, natural ingredients are the way to go. Why would you want to use man-made ingredients on your delicate skin?

Wild Natural's Eczema Cream

Wild Natural’s has a whole line of eczema skincare and hair products to help ease and give your skin relief from the itchy rash.

Our body cream for eczema is 98% natural and 86% organic. It’s enriched with aloe vera, shea butter, manuka honey, and oat amino protein! There are plenty of vitamins and minerals in it too so your skin is protected, nourished and bathed in ingredients that naturally soothe and quench your dry skin. It’s also pH balanced and will soak right into your sensitive skin without leaving that greasy feeling like other body creams.

There is also an eczema body wash, shampoo and conditioner to help give you relief from head to toe!

We pride ourselves on using natural ingredients, which are vital to your skin and hair’s health. We use no fragrances, dyes, petroleum, mineral oil or parabens in any of our products! We want to help you have beautiful, healthy skin and hair – and at an affordable price! Check out our store today for your eczema relief.