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How Manuka Honey is Your #1 Fighter Against Eczema

By :Ryan Duminy 0 comments
How Manuka Honey is Your #1 Fighter Against Eczema

manuka honey for eczema

Eczema flare ups can be hard to control. It’s a simple statement, but the weight behind it is anything but simple. As more and more people are looking at natural remedies to treat symptoms, the experts are now recommending a unique one: manuka honey!

Read about how manuka honey is truly on your side in kicking eczema to the side and allowing you and your skin some much needed time to heal and renew…

Treating Eczema the Right Way

Eczema is a common condition affecting both adults and children. The condition, which is usually long-term, can be extremely uncomfortable to live with as it causes the skin to become itchy, dry, sore, red and cracked. While there is no cure for eczema, symptoms can be improved with treatment, some people find they will completely clear up over time. One natural treatment which some experts claim can help improve eczema symptoms is manuka honey!

If you're struggling to find something to put on your sensitive skin, honey (particularly manuka), can be a helpful alternative. Manuka honey contains naturally strong antimicrobial elements that can help kill off pathogenic bacteria. Eczema can develop when pathogenic bacteria penetrate the skin, so killing the bacteria off can reduce itching and infection.

Its antibacterial properties help to reduce inflammation, which in turn can help the body heal itself, also reducing the symptoms of eczema. It’s noted for its hearty antibacterial properties for keeping away infections and soothing the intensity of eczema outbreaks.

 If you're struggling to find something to put on your sensitive skin, honey (particularly manuka), can be a helpful alternative because it naturally contains antibacterial, and anti-fungal properties so can help support the immune system.

Now, all types of honey have antibacterial properties which can protect against damage caused by bacteria. In most types of honey it is hydrogen peroxide which provides the antibiotic qualities, but manuka honey also contains other ingredients with antibacterial qualities, making it more potent in fighting bacteria.

The major antibacterial component in manuka honey is methylglyoxal (MG). MG is a compound found in most types of honey, but usually only in small quantities. In manuka honey, MG comes from the conversion of another compound, dihydroxyacetone, that is found in high concentration in the nectar of manuka flowers.

The higher the concentration of MG, the stronger the antibiotic effect.

Typical treatments for itchy eczema include topical creams and ointments that can be bought over-the-counter or prescribed by a doctor. However, the effects of certain treatments depend on the individual as eczema can be stubborn to treat. Many people who prefer not to put chemicals on their skin are turning to natural remedies for treatment of their eczema.

Other natural remedies which some people find helps improve symptoms include coconut oil and shea butter, as they are rich in hydrating elements. The more moisturized your skin is, the less itch you will have!

Treating Itchy Eczema with Wild Naturals

Wild Naturals knows the struggles of constantly being itchy because of eczema. A full line of eczema skincare products was developed to help find natural relief, rather than having only prescription medications and ineffective drugstore lotions. One of the most important products offered is the Eczema & Psoriasis Cream.

Soaps and other body washes typically tend to harm dry skin by stripping away natural oils and nutrients that your skin creates. It’s always recommended for eczema sufferers to apply heavy layers of body lotion to hydrate your skin. Wild Naturals Eczema & Psoriasis Cream are filled with natural ingredients brimming with minerals, nutrients, antioxidants, and moisture!   

With key ingredients like aloe vera, not water like most products, manuka honey, shea butter, and cehami flower extract, these help your skin without taking away moisture. Not to mention coconut oil, and hemp seed oil  – all combined to pack a serious hydration punch to your eczema! When dealing with a skin problem like eczema, it’s vital to take care of your skin with the best products.

Go to the Wild Naturals store and see for yourself why natural skincare is the right way to go about protecting and soothing your skin, while also reducing that frustrating itch!