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Does a Vegan Diet Cure Psoriasis? Diet vs. Skincare

By :Wild Naturals 0 comments
Does a Vegan Diet Cure Psoriasis? Diet vs. Skincare

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Psoriasis is no small feat to treat and live with. The scaly, red, flaky skin condition must be constantly monitored and treated with varying creams, prescriptions, and visits to the dermatologist. Many people with psoriasis have tried anything and everything to help reduce the flare-ups of the skin disease. Some people have taken to the web to declare that they have practically “cured” their psoriasis with a vegan diet, of all things!

Vegan Diet Pros & Cons

It may seem a little incredulous to believe that a vegan diet can be used as a type of psoriasis treatment. Many sufferers of psoriasis do speak out quite a bit on diet changes easing the size and flares of their hot spots though. However, can it “cure” it? There have been no known cures for psoriasis, being a scientifically theorized genetic skin condition. Here are some pros and cons of a vegan diet to consider for an option to try for reducing psoriasis:

  • Pro: weight loss. The diet of no animal-based foods greatly promotes a loss of weight by eating only foods like vegetables, fruits, and grains rather than meat, fish, poultry, eggs, and dairy.
  • Con: Vital nutrients are lacking in a vegan diet, such as calcium, omega-3 fatty acids, folate, and vitamins B-12, which are present in dairy and meats. Staying on a diet that lacks nutrients your body needs can become tricky and if you’re not willing to substitute those with vitamin supplements, you’re putting potential health problems like bone and muscle mass loss.
  • Pro: reduced risk of serious illness. This comes from the low saturated fats in a vegan diet, meaning you are less prone to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, and help reduce the risk of certain cancers.
  • Pro: Plant proteins are more available now. Seeing as this is the main source of protein in a vegan diet, having more access to purchase these makes this diet easier to follow.
  • Con: Constipation is a normal issue with vegan diets. The number of grains and alternative protein bases can be harder to digest, leading to bloating, discomfort, and fewer bowel movements.

It is up in the air if vegan diets will help with your skin. Some people say it keeps their skin clear and glowing, while others have the opposite result. It really varies on your own body, nutrient needs, and reactions to food groups.

Skincare and Diets

While you could visit any dietitian or dermatologist and receive different answers from both on skincare and diets, it is well-known that eating clean can promote healthier skin. A vegan diet is just one option of many diets and it all depends on what works for you, not what works for everyone else. A certain fact stands true, though, and that is that skincare should be a fundamental part of your health regimen.

We are not talking about just picking up some drugstore moisturizer and face wash and calling it a day. What you put on the outside of your body is just as important as what goes in, as skincare products are absorbed right into your cells and epidermis. Wild Naturals created a full line of natural skincare, so you know what exactly is going into your skin, not a bunch of hard to pronounce words on the ingredients list.

Wild Naturals believes in promoting health and wellness from head to toe, with every product containing organic aloe vera instead of water. With other nutrient-filled ingredients packed into it as well, such as manuka honey, shea butter, cehami flower extract, and coconut oil, these all promote the very best results you’ve always wanted to see. Visit our shop and see for yourself why natural is better and not just for your diet! Happy shopping!