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Allure Magazine Backs Manuka Honey in Natural Skincare

By :Wild Naturals 0 comments
Allure Magazine Backs Manuka Honey in Natural Skincare


When a top beauty and fashion magazine proclaims what we have known for years now, you know it’s monumental. Allure magazine listed manuka honey as the first in a recent article about natural anti-aging skin care ingredients. The importance and benefits of manuka honey in skin care are vast and why everyone hasn’t turned to it for their daily face or body routine is beyond us. Hopefully with the spotlight given to manuka honey by Allure Magazine will see a rise in healthy, beautiful skin – naturally!

Manuka Honey Benefits

It’s not quite as simple as just saying that manuka honey has plenty of benefits. When you read and discover just what this honey is capable of, you’ll be onto our online store in no time to order your first of many jars. Manuka honey is native to New Zealand and Australia, by the manuka bust flower. Bees pollinate it and the nectar is turned to honey back in the bees’ headquarters.

Manuka honey is kept in its raw form, no heavy processing or filtering. It’s the highest in antioxidants of any honey. It has unrivaled anti-inflammatory and healing properties. It’s heavily moisturizing and a very potent antibacterial. Plus, it has a unique blend of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Here are several of the amazing benefits of using manuka honey in skin care:

  • Acne – the high antibacterial properties of manuka honey have become well known for healing and helping to get rid of acne. The anti-inflammatory and healing qualities as well make for banishing the pimples, redness, and acne scars!
  • Anti-Aging – the amino acids in the honey aid in the production of collagen, which is built out of amino acids. The healing properties derived from the potent antioxidants and the natural regenerating ability of the honey helps fight and fill fine lines and wrinkles, including preventing new ones from forming. Yes, please!
  • Moisturizing – you may have read or seen by now how people are creating their own manuka honey masks at home. This is not only to target acne or anti-aging benefits, but for smooth, healthy, and hydrated skin.
  • Eczema & Psoriasis – manuka honey is an added ingredient to heal and nourish dry, cracked skin from these conditions. Along with other incredible, natural ingredients, this honey can bring your skin relief during flare-ups.

Allure magazine sheds light in its article featuring manuka honey about the benefits and results of washing your face with it, not to mention commentary by a New York dermatologist. While Wild Naturals is not highlighted in the article, the fact that we promote manuka honey in our own skin care products shows that we know the right way to treat skin!

Wild Naturals Skin Care

At Wild Naturals, we are adamant against anything synthetic, chemicalized, and fragranced. We know the downfall of those components in skin care and thus, created our line of various products for the face, body, and hair! Each product is proudly created without the addition of fragrances, dyes, petroleum, mineral oil, or parabens.

Most skin care brands use water as their first ingredient, we use organic aloe vera for its list of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. There’s shea butter, the all-time favorite for moisturizing and protecting the skin, then blue-green algae, which has almost every organic mineral in it. Coconut oil, hemp seed oil, and cehami flower extract all combine in our skin care products for the ultimate in rejuvenated and nourished skin! We also have each product pH balanced to the same level as your skin, so no irritation or drying will occur. We thought through every detail to give you the greatest results that your skin with thank you for.

Visit the Wild Naturals online store today and revel in the astonishing benefits of natural skin care!