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Acne Sufferers: Why You Need To Try Manuka Honey Products

By :Wild Naturals 0 comments
Acne Sufferers: Why You Need To Try Manuka Honey Products

 acne sufferer

Various factors throughout your daily routine can cause your skin to react in ways you do not approve of. Stress, eating an unhealthy diet, hormonal changes, and daily pollution can affect our skin. Unfortunately, when we don’t recognize certain factors that are creating the undesired skin or simply cannot control them, we feel helpless in our appearance. As the most common skin condition in the United States, acne affects up to fifty million Americans each year. As a chronic condition, acne can decrease create potential scarring, cause irritation and pain, and ruin your confidence. With the abundance of this skin condition affecting young and older people, products of all sorts fill the supermarket shelves. With many eye-catching labels and products on the shelves, who’s to know what is best for your particular skin? Skin types of any sort will typically react better to natural products than artificial sorts. Honey has incredible benefits for acne, but using manuka honey for acne is ideal. 

Why Is Manuka Honey Different?

Honey has always caught the eye for its delicate appeal, it’s wonderful taste, and significant beneficial properties. Manuka honey has similar qualities to traditional honey, but with far more levels of nutrients and antibacterial properties. Hydrogen peroxide is composed naturally in honey, but manuka honey has more of it. This along with methylglyoxal gives it its antimicrobial and antibacterial healing benefits. With low pH, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, antimicrobial compounds and hydration retention. 

Manuka Honey For Acne Treatment

As an anti-inflammatory, manuka honey can decrease local inflammation that acne may cause your skin. As an antibacterial, fewer bacteria will be left on your skin that can affect your pores and cause acne. Using manuka honey for acne can knock out current pimples also from its bacteria-fighting properties. Combining hydrogen peroxide and methylglyoxal make manuka honey for acne treatment effective. As a great emollient, honey can also soften the skin. For acne sufferers or even non-problematic skin, this is a great attribute. As an anti-inflammatory and pain reducer, psoriasis, dandruff, and eczema conditions can benefit as well. 

Finding The Right Products That Work

With the many options of acne products available at reach whether in-store or online, which are the right ones? Many products that aim or advertise to fight acne tend to be rather harsh on the skin. This is because common acne fighting ingredients that are unnatural can over dry the skin, or even strip away important parts of your skin. Your acid mantle is vital to skin health and is a thin top layer of skin. Sulfates, chemicals, and sulfur ingredients can strip this top skin layer, leaving your skin exposed and defenseless against bacteria and the environment. Even premature aging can occur when moisture is stripped away continuously. 

Products made without sulfates, fragrance, dyes, harsh preservatives, and other ingredients that do more harm than good should be sought out. Wild Naturals has working and natural products that have highly concentrated quality ingredients. Manuka honey face wash is an excellent way to go about using manuka honey for acne. This product will cleanse, moisturize, nourish, and restore skin without causing it harm like other washes. Aloe vera replaces water as the first ingredient and provides the cleanser with vitamins, minerals, essential enzymes and deep hydration. Manuka honey is, of course, a prime component of the face wash. As it is excellent for acne prone skin, it will bring along additional vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Cehami flower extract also has anti-inflammatory traits, as well as cellular regeneration properties. It can even provide relief from pain and itchiness, which is great for problematic acne. Natural products that work are not always easy to come by, but Wild Naturals changes the game when it comes to results in beautiful, clean skin, naturally.