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7 Skin Care New Year’s Resolutions to Follow

By :Wild Naturals 0 comments
7 Skin Care New Year’s Resolutions to Follow

new year's 2020 skin care resolutions

2020 is here, and while most people will have made New Year's resolutions in relation to health, fitness, and lifestyle, we are sticking to what we know best: skin care! A new year signifies a new start, meaning a refresh in routines, rules, and approaches. There can be a range of new year's 2020 skin care resolutions that we want to be determined to stick to but perhaps aren’t sure where to start. Wild Naturals lists out 7 main skin care rules to pick and choose (or follow all 7) with this new year!

Finding Your Skin Care Principles

We all slip into bad habits sometimes, and that's ok. But from 1 January, we get to start all over again and try to be better. Unhelpful behavior such as skin picking, sleeping in makeup, and not moisturizing properly can be addressed, and with that our skin care routines and products can receive the revamp it might need!

All of the fanciest and price tag heavy skin care in the world won't be able to help unless you stick to simple, basic rules and actually follow them. For example, your most expensive serum with all those amazing antioxidants and actives won't do a thing unless you've properly removed your makeup and washed your face. Likewise, if you complete a gold star skin care regime only to use bacteria-filled makeup brushes, you're basically taking one step forward and ten back.

For these reasons, take a look at the 2020 rules for skin care and get ready to experience your best skin yet!

  1. Wear SPF Every Single Day

It's the age-old rule you hear every day from beauty editors and your mother alike. But remembering to slather on a layer of SPF each morning before work can be a challenge. Make this year the one that you actually take responsibility for protecting your skin from damaging UV rays that can penetrate skin all year round.

  1. Double Cleanse

Removing makeup in the evening and actually cleaning your face are two separate things, therefore they deserve two separate cleansing steps. Begin by using a balm or oil cleanser with a cotton round or clean washcloth to remove makeup, then opt for a wash-off cleanser to get rid of any excess product, dirt, and grime on the skin.

  1. Wash Your Makeup Brushes

It's the ultimate rule we all love to break, but washing your makeup brushes regularly can help to prevent breakouts and other skin issues, as well as just promote a better level of hygiene for yourself. Make it a regular activity and have fun with it by popping in your headphones in the bathroom, and investing in an effective brush cleaning apparatus. 

  1. Stop Sleeping in Your Makeup

Heard this one before? Thought so. But an alarming amount of us still do it from time to time, particularly after a late night out. Take our advice and leave some cleansing micellar water and cotton pads by your bed before you leave for the evening. It's not nearly as ideal as being able to complete your entire skin care routine, but it's better than nothing and means you won't have to sleep in your makeup. For those with problematic skin types too, you really don’t want to miss cleansing your face because it’ll just exacerbate the issue much quicker!

  1. Brush Your Teeth & Wash Your Hair Before Washing Your Face

This may sound a little rogue, but these are some of the top tips that people don’t realize makes a difference with your bathroom routine. If you suffer with breakouts on your chin, always brush your teeth before you wash and moisturize your face. Most of us when we brush our teeth, toothpaste foam can spill onto our chin, essentially reversing any work you have just done with your skin care. Likewise, if you shampoo and condition your hair after washing your face in the shower, excess product can cling to skin, especially at your hairline. Switch things around and always wash your face last.

  1. Invest In Key Ingredients

Make 2020 the year you experiment with the most talked about skin care ingredients. While investing in a hyaluronic acid serum, a retinol overnight cream, and a good AHA peel or treatment, the real superstar’s are manuka honey, cehami flower extract, and coconut oil. These very natural ingredients have the ability to heal, nourish, repair, and protect our skin from everything that acids and retinol can do – but more potently!

  1. Stop Touching Your Face

Probably the biggest challenge for 2020 is to stop touching our face as much and to stop picking at zits. There's something rather soothing about doing it that happens to alleviate stress, but picking pimples only makes them worse and can lead to frustrating acne scars. Try your hardest to resist in the new year, and you'll quickly see results.

Wild Naturals Skin Care Products

Remember that basics are crucial to laying the rest of your steps down for seeing the best glow and clear skin. With your skin care routine down, fill your bathroom with products that can help you achieve it all without any risks of chemicals, additives, or negative ingredients that most skin care brands are filled with! Shop the Wild Naturals store today and discover the best skin care products for 2020!