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5 Tricks to Help Soothe Eczema as the Temperatures Drop

By :Wild Naturals 0 comments
5 Tricks to Help Soothe Eczema as the Temperatures Drop

eczema treatment during winter

Eczema can be a serious burden to bear, let alone deal with. When you have itching and discomfort of the dry, cracked skin while trying to work, take care of the family, or just have a normal social life (especially with a pandemic and having to cover up even more skin – and we all know that eczema isn’t a fan of that), it can seem like a mountain to climb.

Not only does it create a physical problem, with winter rapidly creeping up on us, but this time of the year is also especially hard on eczema sufferers. However, there is hope in overcoming the worsening of this skin condition during winter! Read on to find out what you can do to help keep eczema at bay this holiday season!

Reasons for Eczema Trouble in Winter

With all the layers of clothes, running of the heater, and hot showers, each of these contributes to triggering your eczema and produces some pretty intense itching. Heat is one of the main triggers for the skin condition, as it aggravates the parched skin and more layers of clothes tend to activate it. Even environmental issues, like allergies, asthma, and hay-fever can all add up to your eczema flaring up. What can be done to alleviate these problems and make eczema less aggressive during the winter days?

Here a few known solutions to it:

  1. Wearing cotton over fleece or wool clothing allows more breathability and lets your skin cool down instead of being contained in the warm fabrics.
  2. Avoiding direct heaters. Turn away your car heaters and lower your home heat temperatures to help reduce the dryness in the air so your skin stays calm.
  3. Keep your immune system up with vitamins, as eczema is a complex skin condition and the immune system is believed to play a role in the skin rash and it volatility.
  4. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Keep your skin hydrated with super hydrating creams to keep the agitations at bay.
  5. Stay away from chemicals. Your skin is already highly sensitive to eczema and being in contact with chemicals or irritants will aggravate it. Avoiding them can help reduce the triggers.

By following and adapting to these changes during winter, your eczema triggers should lessen. It can be a frustrating and time-consuming effort to put in to help relieve your eczema, but it’s well worth it.

Eczema Cream & Treatments

What is well known in the skin disease world is certain prescribed or recommended creams to aid in the battle against eczema. The most common eczema treatment is steroid creams, though the side effects of using steroids regularly cause some pause by people and it’s understandable. There are various results depending upon and applying topical steroid creams, which most people with eczema have to live with to reduce the severity of their rash. Other treatments are creams and moisturizers filled with petroleum or mineral oil and are promoted as beneficial to the skin condition. It’s the oldest and most used method for dealing with eczema.

However, the beauty and skin care industries have turned away from tried and true ingredients, like Vaseline. It’s now the more common choice to use natural skin care products and natural beauty ingredients rather than drugstore bought items. Why? The long-term results of chemical ingredients such as petroleum, parabens, and mineral oil have come to light with a steep decline in the purchasing of products containing these because of the reverse effect they can have on your skin. Natural is the path taken now and with good reason!

Wild Naturals Eczema Treatment

While it’s still on the uptrend, most brands continue to have handfuls of fillers and chemical ingredients in their products, though are slowly changing them out for botanical or marine-type ingredients instead (but not enough and the quality of their ingredients remain iffy). Wild Naturals has a full line of skin care, body, and hair products packed with nutrient-rich vitamins and minerals.

Not only is there a product for every area of your body, there is even a specific eczema and psoriasis cream for the relief and aid of these skin conditions. We know that there’s nothing better to put on your skin than natural, made from the Earth ingredients. With Wild Naturals products, you know what you’re putting on your skin and can have full knowledge of what each ingredient does to protect, repair, and nourish your delicate skin – and it is possible for your skin to be healed!

With aloe vera, manuka honey, shea butter, hemp seed oil, and coconut oil to name a few, these products from Wild Naturals will ultimately heal and relieve your eczema in a way that mineral oil, petroleum, and steroid creams will never be able to accomplish. Head to the Wild Naturals store today to try it for yourself!