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Why You Should Go Sulfate Free with Your Hair Care

By :Wild Naturals 0 comments
Why You Should Go Sulfate Free with Your Hair Care

sulfate free shampoo

Wouldn’t it be great to have constant compliments on your hair, without having to go to a blow bar or have it done for an event or something? We’re all with you there! So how can this be accomplished? Simple. Change your haircare routine.

Why Natural Hair Care is the Way to Go

It’s easy to splurge on your skincare and swapped out my makeup bag with cleaner alternatives, and stock your medicine cabinet with green creams and serums, but I was holding out when it came to hair. Everyone loves lathering up a delicious smelling shampoo and getting that amazing fresh, clean feeling.

Mistakenly, many people think you can’t get that from a clean or natural shampoo. And it doesn’t have to even feel different than the conventional shampoos you’re used to using. Today’s technology allow the production of beauty products with natural ingredients that function as well as, and even better than, their synthetic counterparts. Instead of sulfates, we can incorporate natural ingredients like coco betaine to create a luxurious lather without being harmful to the hair.

You can look forward to healthier hair, less tangles, less frizz, and it can even look shiny without the use of a blow dryer to create that fresh from the salon results! So how do you know what Ingredients you should avoid?

  • Parabens, which are potential hormone disruptors.
  • Sulfates, which can strip away color, protein, and natural oils.
  • Alcohol, which dries the hair.
  • Artificial color pigments, which can cause sensitivity and irritation.
  • Silicones, which coat the hair and prevent moisture and nutrients from penetrating the hair shaft.

It’s also worth avoiding synthetic fragrance. It can cause irritation and allergic reactions on the scalp and body. In addition to cleansing and conditioning agents, shampoo formulas often contain active ingredients for treating various scalp and hair conditions as well as additives to make the product more visually appealing or to increase its shelf life.

Thickeners are additives used to increase viscosity, which makes the product less runny and therefore easier to spread across the hair. Sodium chloride, the chemical name for common table salt, is the most widely used viscosity enhancer in shampoo formulas. It is commonly used in combination with sulfate surfactants to enhance viscosity, giving the shampoo a creamy texture.

Manufacturers prefer using sodium chloride for thickening purposes because it is an effective and fairly cheap thickening agent.

Is Salt Bad for Your Hair?

Sodium chloride is a highly hygroscopic substance, meaning it tends to attract water from its surroundings. Consequently, salt can encourage dryness by absorbing moisture from your hair. Just as consuming foods high in sodium chloride increases thirst, salt can leave your hair feeling dry.

For people with dry and naturally curly hair, it is advisable to use salt-free hair products, especially if they are meant to be left on the hair. People with oily and normal hair can be more comfortable with salt-containing products, especially when it comes to hair shampoos.

However, the amount of salt in a shampoo formula won’t have a significant drying effect on your hair, especially when the shampoo is applied for a short time. The salt will be washed away with the shampoo and will not remain in your hair. Therefore, it’s best to choose a natural shampoo that works for you without all these hidden harmful ingredients!

Wild Naturals Hair Care

There’s no shortage of internal or external factors that can impact your body if you continue to use products with negative results. Your shampoo should not be one of them. In order for a shampoo and conditioner to be effective and achieve the results you want, look for the following:

  • Manuka honey. Nature’s wonder skin treatment (and for hair too). So gentle, calming and with amazing anti-inflammatory properties, plus a natural humectant!
  • Aloe vera. Renowned for centuries as a soothing, regenerative skin treatment. This ingredient is loaded with vitamins, minerals and enzymes.
  • pH balanced at 5.5 (the same level as your skin)
  • Every ingredient explained in plain language.
  • Fragrance, dye and preservative free.

Nature truly knows best and Wild Naturals is your outlet to it—and at a great price to boot! Steer well clear of chemical-laden products and turn to a natural shampoo and conditioner made with gentle organic ingredients that really work!