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What Makes Manuka Honey An Ideal Skin Moisturizer

By :Wild Naturals 0 comments
What Makes Manuka Honey An Ideal Skin Moisturizer

Manuka honey is an unmatched, natural healing substance made from a single plant species primarily found one place on earth. The Manuka honey bush provides the pollen to produce this incredible antibacterial honey that’s gaining its position high up in the natural beauty industry.

Honey has centuries of history for medicinal purposes, and it’s not a surprise the uses of honey have not subsided. Manuka honey though has an advantage over other honey types as its nutritional profile is quite powerful. The nutritional content can be up to four times greater than of other flower honey. Manuka honey provides amino acids, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc, various B vitamins, and more. The tremendous immune boosting abilities and natural sweeter alternative catches the eye of consumers, but what does honey do for your face?

The marvelous effects of this honey go further than helping solely the inside of the body. Manuka honey for your face and skin will change the way you look at your skin issues being unsolvable.

What Does Honey Do For Your Face?

Honey, whether Manuka or from other sources, has anti-inflammatory qualities and other benefits mainly when used in its raw form, or unprocessed. Manuka honey, however, has more therapeutic and antibacterial properties than typical honey. Honey is a sweet and natural treat, but what does honey do for your face, and is honey moisturizing for your face? As one of the richest antimicrobial sources on the planet, Manuka honey can promote serious skin and moisturizing benefits. Whether your skin troubles have you fighting acne, aging, dryness, irritation or even rosacea, Manuka honey has the solution.

Using Manuka honey as a face moisturizer can give the healing solutions your skin has been waiting for. First of all, the hydration your skin will experience comes from Manuka honey’s ability to retain moisture, and without making it oily. Manuka honey face moisturizer will also help regenerate skin, and repair cellular damage which can lessen scarring. The anti-inflammatory properties of Manuka honey will reduce and heal inflamed skin and eczema. The honey will also oxygenate pores which can draw out bacteria, and improve acne troubles on the skin. If anti-aging is your skin goal, the moisturizing properties are drastically advantageous to wrinkle-free skin. Using Manuka honey as a face moisturizer will promote your skin health for nearly all skin issues needing correction.


The benefits of Manuka honey outweigh any chemical or synthetic skin “friendly” product on the shelves. Products derived from the earth that are unprocessed and raw in their form are natural, like Manuka honey from sustainable sources. Using Manuka honey as a face moisturizer gives benefits in multiple ways since coinciding natural ingredients can boost the positive effects of the product. Other natural ingredients such as aloe vera, shea butter, blue-green algae, coconut oil, hemp seed oil, and cehami flower extract give optimum health benefits to the skin on your face.

Wild Naturals Manuka honey face cream gives a perfectly pH balanced formula that heals skin and reverses premature aging. The honey along with aloe vera gives multiple vitamins and minerals to deepen the hydration levels of the moisturizer. The shea butter is added to protect skin and is proven to reduce wrinkles, lighten scars, and stimulate collagen production. This makes skin stronger, softer, and healthier. The blue-green algae and coconut oil have similar effects as they also help reduce fine lines and wrinkles by improving elasticity and firmness.

When searching for the right skin care solution for nearly any skin problem, look to attain Wild Naturals Manuka honey face moisturizer.