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Scientists Confirm: Manuka Honey Needs To Be Utilized More In Treating Skin Conditions

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Scientists Confirm: Manuka Honey Needs To Be Utilized More In Treating Skin Conditions

manuka honey

Manuka honey was once only available in its main development and produced country of New Zealand. With the plethora of health and skin benefits, manuka honey is one of the top products to be tapped and utilized in the past few years. Yet, now with scientists giving it an official stamp of approval in skin care, why hasn’t it skyrocketed the beauty industry?

Science Backs Manuka Honey

New studies and research reports from the University of Technology Sydney (the second home to the manuka bush, which creates the manuka flower that bees pollinate to create the coveted raw honey) have ushered in the word of wisdom on manuka honey. Dr. Shona Blair and Dr. Nural Cokcetin, scientists from the University have been studying the medicinal properties of honey for 15 years. The conclusion?

Manuka honey is the saving grace for skin.

Dr. Blair quotes, “It is grossly underutilized as a topical treatment for skin conditions like eczema,” and this is an astute observation. Manuka honey is rich in humectants, meaning it draws moisture from the air into the skin to hydrate it. The anti-inflammatory properties of manuka honey also make it ideal for psoriasis and eczema as it soothes the skin and reduces the redness and inflammation.

Most eczema and psoriasis creams contain counteractive ingredients, the main ingredient in fact that they promote as helpful for these skin conditions. Eczema treatments are almost entirely based on petroleum products to help relieve the severely dry and cracked skin that occurs. Petroleum and mineral oil are occlusive agents, meaning that they create an invisible barrier that traps the skin from allowing anything to penetrate it. Therefore, using an eczema or psoriasis cream with these ingredients can actually do more harm than good, trapping your dry skin from receiving any moisturizing aid.

Manuka honey should be everyone’s alternative to their normal skin creams. The natural benefits of manuka honey far outweigh any other type of cream, lotion, or moisturizer. It hydrates, it heals, it disinfects, and it fights aging factors like wrinkles, fine lines, free radicals, and scars.

While the scientists from UTS continue to praise manuka honey benefits for ingesting to help protect everyday health, the main study revealed the intense aid in healing the skin with manuka honey. Manuka honey is the highest in antibacterial qualities, having the highest levels of methylglyoxal, an antibacterial compound. Its natural components of hydrogen peroxide also make it great for acne-sufferers and clearing out any bacteria from the skin, pores, and outward cuts.

However, what is really truly special about manuka honey is the other side of its healing qualities, in that it’s one of the best natural ingredients for anti-aging. The amino acids found in manuka honey trigger collagen production and cell regeneration, which is crucial for your skin to defend against aging receptors.

Most brands and the beauty industry are just starting to dip their toes into manuka honey skin care. A lot of the well-known brands use plenty of fillers and cheap additives in their skin care, with the beneficial ingredients barely making up a quarter of the product. Adding manuka honey to their skin care lines would cost money, being a natural resource and not an inexpensive lab creation. But with the demand growing for manuka honey, some brands have bent or are working on joining the trend.

Wild Naturals Manuka Honey Skin Care

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