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Natural Skin Care: Why It’s Not Just a Trend

By :Wild Naturals 0 comments
Natural Skin Care: Why It’s Not Just a Trend

Over time, the beauty and skin care industry have changed many times. Some companies have worked to find ways to cheapen their products for the purpose of obtaining higher profits. Of course, this simply created low-quality skin products that did not work as well as would be hoped for, or even damaged and dried out skin. Although, this has begun to shift pretty greatly in more recent times. Many companies are now moving toward more natural and quality products that work much better. This kind of product is also higher in demand these days over the harsh chemical ridden products that litter the industry. Some may say this natural skin care movement is simply a phase that will fizzle out, but it has continued to grow and prove that this is not the case.

Why Natural Skin Care is Important

There are several different reasons as to why this green skin care movement has been growing so rapidly. One of the largest reasons coincides with a massive healthcare movement away from harsh chemicals and avoiding the introduction negative substances into our bodies. As more people are ending up with rashes and other skin conditions from synthetic and chemical based products, this prompts them to begin looking into naturally derived products. Overall, we are becoming more aware of the damage that synthetic and harsh products are doing to us and responding by turning toward nature for assistance.

It is not only the final natural skin care products that are different either, as the methods for harvesting, obtaining, and producing these products and ingredients are changing as well. People are looking for companies that steer away from animal cruelty and do their best to avoid contamination and over processing of their ingredients. We can feel better about using these products from both a health and morality standpoint.


A good example of this change is the decline in the use of products that contain paraben, which is a widely used cosmetic and pharmaceutical preservative. There are numerous paraben dangers associated with these kinds of products, such as disruption of the body’s hormone system, reduction of sperm levels, and potential contribution to early puberty. People are becoming more aware of these paraben dangers and using these products much less as a result.

Green skin care is really here to stay, especially with the more we are learning about harsh chemical products every single day. We are wising up about what we are putting in and on our bodies, and this is a fantastic change. Some of the larger monopolistic companies may fear the loss of their profits, but it is nothing but a gain for our health and care. The more we look at nature’s ability to assist us in skin care, health, and other areas, the more our quality of life will improve. Just as there has been a movement to consume more natural and safe foods, as must there be this movement for what goes on our body as well.

What Wild Naturals Has to Offer

If you are looking for natural skin care products, you may have to look no further than Wild Naturals. We focus on creating quality products that are completely derived from natural ingredients. We focus on staying away from cheap fillers and harsh chemicals that can harm your skin. Our products are pH balanced to align with your body’s natural state. What this means is that we design our products to work alongside your body instead of against it. This helps to reduce potential skin dry-outs and other adverse reactions.