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Is Your Shampoo Aggravating Your Eczema

By :Wild Naturals 0 comments
Is Your Shampoo Aggravating Your Eczema

Eczema is an epidemic affecting millions of children to adults each day and can be long-term. The skin condition may be debilitating for certain activities and even occur more aggravated at times. The problem with many skin care products is the minimal warnings and low regulations on the ingredients added. For eczema skin complications, dry and itchy skin is what a person desires relief from. Unfortunately, many products include harmful chemicals that are either indirectly labeled, or unknown to the consumer as unhealthy.

Many products on the market today, especially shampoos and conditioners, can make the symptoms a person desires to reverse become negatively affected. Eczema, in particular, can be affected by many ways, including environmental and product-based irritants. A natural solution such as eczema friendly shampoo is the right way to go for the best results your skin wishes to experience in relief.

Eczema Triggers

Although it is not known what entirely causes eczema, most types actually involve many environmental and genetic factors. The immune system of people with eczema will overreact when a triggering allergen or irritant occurs. The body will be attacked, rather than be protected. The results of this are inflammation and red, itchy and painful skin. Genes will also play a role in the proteins that contribute to healthy layers of skin, which relates to sealing in moisture and a bacteria protecting barrier. Those who suffer from eczema have extremely dry skin and can get infections easier than other people.

Having the knowledge of everyday element triggers in your surroundings can help keep a control on flare-ups and irritations. Irritants, such as soaps and fragrances, are commonly addressed as eczema triggers. Shampoo is a particular category of frequently used and quite a penetrating product. We use shampoo to cleanse, soothe, and hopeful help our hair and scalp. Unfortunately, many shampoo products have harsh chemicals that actually reverse the results we desire and need.

What is a Good Shampoo For Eczema?

Since shampoo and conditioner are practically used in every shower, and considering we are clean and fortunate enough to have daily or at least every other day showers, we use these often. Shampoo is not just a superficial product that only works on the surface of our hair strands, but we use it for our scalp to soothe the skin. Having the right eczema friendly shampoo is extremely important for those actually wanting to feel a difference. With all the options to be decided upon, what is a good shampoo for eczema?

The best shampoo for eczema is one that provides results, naturally. Wild Naturals eczema and psoriasis shampoo and conditioner set provide those traits. Shampoos can be harsh, sometimes without you directly noticing it right away. Most soaps can strip the skin of natural features such as oil and the top layer of protective skin. This can break the barrier of moisture retention and make symptoms of dryness much worse and more uncomfortable. By using Wild Naturals eczema friendly shampoo, the high-quality ingredients will prove results to your needs.

Some key ingredients in this formula include aloe vera, the first ingredient and a natural provider of vitamins A, C, B, and E along with minerals. Manuka honey is added for its incredible healing properties and antibacterial properties. Coconut oil extract is ultra-moisturizing and actually provides a natural lather to this soap-free shampoo. Cehami flower extract is another ingredient with intense anti-inflammatory and even cell regeneration properties. Combined, these powerhouse ingredients make eczema more comfortable with their soothing and healing capabilities. By adding Wild Naturals to your skin care routine, you will see a difference, naturally.