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Is Manuka Honey on the Way Out?

By :Wild Naturals 0 comments
Is Manuka Honey on the Way Out?


Manuka honey has become the renowned nectar and champion for healing and high antibacterial and antioxidant levels. Its production in both stores shelves and skincare lines for health and beauty are paramount. The benefits far outweigh any other natural ingredient – so why are people now saying manuka honey is on the way out?

Jarrah Honey vs. Manuka Honey

In remote parts of Western Australia, a new type of honey has been harvested recently. It’s called Jarrah honey and has similar properties to manuka honey. It’s found from a specific species of the eucalyptus tree, which eucalyptus is known for its healing, anti-inflammatory, decongestant, antiseptic, and other properties so it makes sense that a honey derived from this tree could have similar qualities.

Jarrah honey is being hailed as “liquid gold” and studies are revealing it has more antibacterial properties and has three times more antioxidants than manuka honey. Higher antioxidant levels equal better anti-aging treatments for boosting elastin and collagen production, as well as cell regeneration. It also apparently has a sweeter taste than manuka honey, with low glucose levels and high in fructose, which equates to no spikes in blood sugar when ingested. The same goes for manuka honey.

So why hasn’t Jarrah honey knocked manuka honey off its high horse and number one ranking in medicinal honey? Jarrah is one dimensional in its ability in healing wounds, burns, and skin infections only. Manuka honey may not have higher levels of certain properties, but the benefits of manuka far outweigh Jarrah honey.  

Manuka honey for acne is especially more efficient than Jarrah in this category. In fact, the benefits of manuka honey are immense in comparison. Here are just a couple of them:

  • Helps reduce stomach acid/acid reflux
  • Treats acne, eczema, and psoriasis
  • Combats staph infections
  • Helps heal and treat burns, wounds, and ulcers
  • Prevents gingivitis and tooth decay
  • Relieves sore throats and boosts the immune system
  • Aids in allergy relief
  • Beneficial in beauty treatments

These are just some of the long list of benefits of manuka honey in comparison to Jarrah honey. While direct application of the honey on your face or body for beauty purposes can work, one main factor that keeps manuka honey at the top is this: Jarrah honey has yet to be applied in skincare products.

Wild Naturals Skincare Line

At Wild Naturals, we know and proudly back the amazing benefits of manuka honey! It’s so respected and true to its beneficial properties that Wild Naturals adapted it into our own skincare line. With natural ingredients and no harmful chemicals or preservatives, our products offer you the results you want in skincare without the crazy cost or negative qualities in it!

The first ingredient in most skin care is water, ours is organic aloe vera, which soothes and hydrates the skin. Manuka honey is prominent in most of our skincare, with a whole line of manuka honey rich products, such as a body cream, face cream, face wash, body wash, and shampoo and conditioner. These are all pH balanced for your bodies own natural pH levels and brimming with delightful and nutrient-rich ingredients.

With the help of coconut oil, shea butter, cehami flower extract (another Australian native element), and keeping to plant-based ingredients, Wild Naturals stays true to its namesake. Rest assured that not only are our products made with the best natural ingredients, we use no fragrances, dyes, petroleum, mineral oil, or parabens! Plus, we choose the right components that naturally contain oodles of minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and hydrating properties!

Visit our online shop today and say hello to a whole new realm of healthy, vibrant, and nourished skin!