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Do Natural Beauty Products Really Matter?

By :Ryan Duminy 0 comments
Do Natural Beauty Products Really Matter?

natural beauty products

It’s difficult to change up a routine, especially one that is easy and has worked for you. Many of us have spent quality time picking out the right shampoo and conditioner, the lotions that don’t make us break out, a morning and night skin care routine that is actually helping our skin, and of course, our favorite scents. Yet, all of these store-bought items contain harsh chemicals and toxins that leach into our body and eventually our bloodstreams.

Say what!?

Yes, so it begs the question of does your beauty routine actually help your skin? And then it begs the second question, if you find out your products are not what they appeared to be: should I switch to natural products? If this made you even a little weary, it may be time to make some changes!

Don’t worry, though. We go over everything natural and unnatural about our beauty routine, so you can have dreamy, glowy skin that’s healthy from the inside out!

Knowing What Goes Into Your Body

Change stems from knowing. So, in order to make those difficult changes a little easier, let’s get to know our skin and our hair in a more intimate way.

The epidermis, the medical term for the top layer of your skin, is the largest and fastest-growing organ of the body. Unless you suffer from skin ailments — such as psoriasis, acne, persistent dryness, or eczema — then you probably don’t give your skin too much thought. Yet, your skin is what keeps you cool or warms you up and it protects your organs — such as your heart, lungs, blood, and muscles — from pesky, unwanted germs.

On top of that, it’s incredibly porous, which means it’ll absorb anything and everything you put on it.

With that said, not all skin is created equal. Studies have found that overall, your body will absorb around 64 percent of what you put on it, yet, your face, underarms, and genitalia absorb a whopping 100 percent. Think about all those store-bought beauty products containing various chemicals and toxins — such as preservatives, synthetic fragrances, and even formaldehyde — that are then transferred into your body.

It’s scary! Yet, there are options.

This is where all-natural, organic, chemical-free beauty products come into play! (More on that a little later.)

Getting to Know Your Hair

Hair is a lot more complex than you may think. On top of that, the myth that your hair is “dead”, isn’t quite true. The structure of hair is created by a durable protein called keratin. This fibrous protein is also found in your skin, as well as in the claws, horns, and hooves of animals. Then you’ve got the follicle, which keeps the hair attached to your scalp, and, at the base of the follicle, the bulb.

While all components of your hairs structure are important and require nourishment, the bulb is the heart of the workings. Within the hair bulb, “living cells divide and grow to build the hair shaft,” while blood vessels provide nourishment and hormones for health, structure composition, and growth speed.

This is why your hair may experience changes based on environmental, emotional, and dietary factors.

There are three stages of hair growth: anagen, the growth phase, catagen, when growth slows and the follicle shrinks, and lastly, telogen, old hair detaches, and new hair begins to grow. Based on your overall health and the quality of the product you use to clean and nourish your hair, these phases have varying timeframes and efficiency.

This begs another very obvious question: What can you use for a shampoo and conditioner that will actually help and benefit your hair?

Wild Naturals Products

Shampoos and conditioners are very processed and diluted products, therefore finding worthwhile brands that truly care for the health and nourishment of your hair and scalp, Wild Naturals has you in mind, not the profit! With the Manuka Honey Shampoo and Conditioner set, you’ll receive the very best of both worlds!

With natural and organic ingredients and manuka honey paving the way for healing, repairing, and protecting your scalp, plus the healthy, shiny locks you want, just like the hair commercials! Wild Naturals has a full list of beneficial ingredients in our shampoo and conditioner, which include:

  1. Aloe Vera. This replaces water as the first ingredient on the list. It contains high levels of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes to help revitalize hair. It’s hydrating, improves skin tone and accelerates skin cell grown – ideal for damaged, scabbing skin from scalp psoriasis.
  2. Manuka Honey. Full of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and bountiful benefits for both skin and hair!
  3. Coconut Oil Extract. This is used as a lathering agent to help promote a sudsier foam for deeper hair cleaning.
  4. Cehami Flower Extract. This native Australian ingredient is also a powerful anti-inflammatory to soothe skin and help reduce pain from itching.

You can still receive all the luxury of a good smelling shampoo and conditioner you find at the drug store when you choose to go natural! Putting the right attention and care in protecting your hair and scalp with gentler ingredients for long term healthy hair is definitely the right route to go.

Next is skin care, everything from face wash to serum to face cream and body lotion. Toss out those problematic drugstore brands that are beyond commercialized and try natural! If the products produce the same results as those Instagram ads, but is filling your skin with natural, nourishing ingredients instead of synthetic preservatives and occlusive agents, wouldn’t you choose that instead for yourself?

Shop the Wild Naturals online store for the full line of manuka honey products to bring you the beautiful results you desire with the natural ingredients you want! All of your beauty products in one place, with a price that you’ll love too!