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Best Cruelty-Free Manuka Honey Facial Products

By :Wild Naturals 0 comments
Best Cruelty-Free Manuka Honey Facial Products


One of the largest problems continuing to be seen within the skincare and beauty industries is animal testing. Every day, massive numbers of animals are subjected to product testing that results in various mutations, injuries, and suffering. For too many companies still continue to employ animal testing to evaluate their products, and animals like mice, rabbits, rats, and guinea pigs are dying in large numbers because of these tests. Fortunately, there has begun to be a large shift away from animal testing, but it is still a gradual change. A huge barrier to this change has been that China requires animal testing for any cosmetics being imported into the country, which prompts big name brands to continue using animal testing so that their products will make it into this large market. Although, there are also numerous brands out there that offer cruelty-free products, which means that they use alternative methods to animal testing, such as artificial skin.

Where To Find Manuka Skin Cream and Facial Products

One of the most popular types of skin care products these days are those based around manuka honey, as it has been shown to have a litany of benefits in skin care. Of course, there are going be those of you who may want to try this product, but need to find a brand that is cruelty-free. Fortunately, there are a few good brands to choose from that offer manuka skin cream and facial products that are cruelty-free. Here are a few of them: 

  • Good Things - Good Things is a skincare company that focuses on natural ingredients, and assures no cruelty to the bees involved in obtaining some of their ingredients. They have a few different manuka skin cream and facial products, including cleansers, scrubs, moisturizers, and a face mask.
  • Manuka Doctor - Manuka Doctor is another great cruelty-free brand. They do not test their products on any animals, and their bees live in natural open surroundings. They also offer several manuka honey facial products, such as scrubs, wipes, moisturizers, and masks.
  • Wild Naturals - Of course, we have to also include ourselves in this list! All of our products and ingredients are cruelty-free, and this is an extremely important issue to us. Our product labels proudly display the no-animal-testing bunny logo. We offer a couple different manuka honey facial products, including creams and face washes. In addition, we also offer several other manuka honey products for different uses, such as shampoos and conditioners.


There are also numerous other companies that offer manuka honey facial products, but it can be hard to determine whether some of these are cruelty-free or do not test on animals. One of the easier ways to find out whether a company is providing cruelty-free products or not is by looking for reputable logos. Wild Naturals displays the bunny logo which represents no animal testing. It is always better to quickly verify a product than to trust an unknown label that could be skewing products to simply appear as cruelty-free.

Wild Naturals focuses on creating products that work, are natural and healthy, and are not tested on animals. All of our products are also pH balanced. This means that they are designed to match the pH that your body is naturally. This way, you can use our products without natural oils being lost or worrying about drying out. Your body has a natural balance and we design our products to work with it, rather than against it.