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A Natural Remedy for Fighting Shingles: Put Manuka Honey On It

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A Natural Remedy for Fighting Shingles: Put Manuka Honey On It

manuka honey for shingles

Shingles can happen and when you least expect it. While treatments are limited to managing the discomfort and associated flu-like symptoms, this type of virus has to run its course to go away. But what can you do during and after the scabbing or potential scars from it? Not many know that manuka honey for shingles is a genuine natural remedy that works!

Shingles & Manuka Honey

When people think of shingles, they correlate it with chickenpox and for good reason. Shingles is a rash that appears on the abdomen of the body and creates painful blistering reminiscent of chickenpox, but this is isolated to one area, normally the waist. The cause of Shingles reactivating from the chickenpox virus is still unknown, but anyone who has had chickenpox during the course of their life can develop it.

Treatment options are limited for Shingles, with many being for the pain caused by the virus and antibiotics. While some are still leery of using natural remedies for viruses, the results of manuka honey for shingles is not one to overlook. It certainly doesn’t “cure” Shingles, but manuka honey can vastly benefit the healing process of the rash.

How do you know when you’re developing shingles?

These are the most common signs to watch for:

  • Tingling, burning, pain, or numbness in the midsection of your body
  • Area is sensitive to the touch
  • A red rash begins to appear just a few days after the pain starts
  • Blisters form, break open and then crust over
  • Itching at the scene

Shingles are highly contagious, making the time of the virus even more difficult for yourself. However, the average age of developing Shingles tends to be over sixty, but any age can get it, whether from catching it or being the first to have it triggered. Manuka honey for shingles is ideal to help soothe the pain and avoid any frustrating scarring from it.

How can manuka honey help shingles?

Manuka honey is a natural antimicrobial and antibacterial, containing the highest levels of both than any other type of honey. These properties are ideal for combating the shingles virus and reducing the severity of the blisters and rash. Ingesting and a topical application will have dual benefits when you’re dealing with shingles.

On top of that, manuka honey has natural vitamins, minerals, and amino acids; these will help protect and nourish the troubled skin during and after the shingles virus has finished. Manuka honey is known for healing damaged skin, including scars and when you can’t avoid scratching the painful rash any longer, it will help reverse the extra scabs created.

That just leaves one question: How do you find manuka honey to apply on your skin?

Wild Naturals Manuka Honey Cream

For shingles, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, even acne, manuka honey is your best bet for treating it naturally and effectively! Wild Naturals developed a full line of manuka honey skin care products for this exact purpose, as many brands are still discovering the powerful benefits of the nectar in the beauty industry. With manuka honey for shingles having its time in the limelight, your body will thank you for the relief and you’ll be thrilled to have no visible signs of the rash once it’s gone!

Wild Naturals manuka honey cream is your solution for treating shingles and avoiding any unpleasant reminders of it in the future. With the help of other beneficial, natural ingredients like aloe vera, hemp seed oil, coconut oil, and cehami flower extract, each one will bathe your irritated skin with nutrients and effective moisturizing properties.

Shingles can be a real pain – both literal and figuratively. Shop the Wild Naturals online shop today to use manuka honey for shingles and feel the relief!