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How to Find a Good Facial Cleanser for Eczema + Other Benefits

By :Ryan Duminy 0 comments
How to Find a Good Facial Cleanser for Eczema + Other Benefits

facial cleanser for eczema 

Nothing feels better than washing your face after a day at work. Grease, debris, makeup, and so many other environmental factors come into play that are exposed to the skin. So washing your wash morning and night is really important to maintaining healthy, breathable skin. Therefore, cleansing the skin thoroughly is an integral step in most skin care routines, right.

Yes, definitely, but if you have troubled skin issues like eczema, psoriasis, or sensitive skin, it can be a real challenge to get a good deep clean without leaving the skin chapped, irritated, dry and as red as a ripe tomato. Finding the best cleanser for eczema and sensitive skin is no easy feat, and if you suffer from either skin condition, you already know that it can be a downright painful game of trial and error (and plenty of irritation, to be sure) before finding the one.

Fortunately, there is a simple way to discover what type of face wash is right for your skin and can actually benefit your skin condition by helping to soothe, nourish, and repair as it cleanses! For highly reactive and dry skin, this applies to you too.

What Not to Buy in a Face Wash

When it comes to your skin, there are so many things to consider. What skin concerns are you worried about, what ingredients should the products have, what ingredients shouldn’t the products have, what brand is best? The list can go on a very long time. Luckily, we’ve simplified the questions into this condensed version so you keep to the basics of what to avoid, then the rest is downhill from there!

  1. Harsh preservatives and chemicals. Parabens, synthetic dyes, Phthalates, PEG, SLS…remember these and if you see them on the back of the bottle, put it back on the shelf. These all can damage and have adverse reactions to the good ingredients in skin care, making it that much harder for you to achieve the results you want.

  2. Fragrances/Parfum. This is one of the biggest skin irritations in skin care, whether you have rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, or sensitive skin.

  3. Petroleum/Mineral Oil. For the most hydrating lotions and creams, you’ll see one or both of these ingredients in all the main brands and highest rated moisturizing products. Unfortunately, these are occlusive agents, meaning they create a film barrier between the skin and the pores. This blocks anything from entering into the skin, including air, moisture and the actual hydrating ingredients in the same lotion or cream from helping your dry, cracked, and irritated skin! Avoid these two ingredients at all costs if you want dewy, hydrated skin.

What You Should Buy in a Facial Cleanser

So, what should you buy for your skin? That’s the easy part! At Wild Naturals, you will find everything and more that your skin needs and wants. The hydrating formulas of each skin care and hair care product from Wild Naturals is free of some of the most common triggers for eczema flare-ups and overall inflammation, including the slew of chemicals, harsh preservatives, and irritating fragrances as mentioned above.

Plus others that need to be mentioned such as lanolin, and even formaldehyde (sadly, some skin care products actually really do contain the very toxic stuff).

In addition to being gentle enough to not cause a reaction, the nourishing face wash from Wild Naturals is also infused with a slew of calming ingredients that can actually help soothe irritation, calm redness and restore proper pH and moisture levels in the skin rather than leaving you dry, tight and flaky.

Stripping your skin when you wash your face at night — whether you have eczema or not — is one of the easiest ways to cause dryness, flakes and the formation of premature fine lines, so it’s important to choose a formula that isn’t harsh and laden with things you can’t even begin to pronounce!

Wild Naturals keeps to these key ingredients in every product to ensure hydrated, soothed, and nourished skin:

  • Aloe Vera – soothing, hydrating, evens skin tone.
  • Manuka Honey – anti-aging, antibacterial, anti-microbial, healing, antioxidant-rich, anti-inflammatory.
  • Cehami Flower Extract – anti-inflammatory and an analgesic (itch reliever).
  • Coconut Oil – hydrating, nourishing, healing.

Each of these natural ingredients are filled with vitamins, minerals, and heavily moisturizing! With so many facial cleansers on the market today, keep your skin care easy and beneficial with simple and effective ingredients. Shop the online store today for the right cleanser for all skin types!