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Delving Inside Manuka Honey: 5 Natural Components That Will Amaze You

By :Wild Naturals 0 comments
Delving Inside Manuka Honey: 5 Natural Components That Will Amaze You

manuka honey

Manuka honey is one of the biggest and hottest items in two different markets: the food market and the beauty industry. Why? Because the benefits of manuka honey when ingested and topically applied and abundant. The research and results of consuming the New Zealand native flower pollen and being added to skin care products have caused a massive wave of production and necessity for it worldwide. How can it be such a lucrative and popular commodity? Let’s delve into the why’s and how’s in this article.

Manuka Honey Benefits & Facts

Manuka honey is a natural component of the manuka flower bush, pollinated by bees into its thick and rich consistency. It is not processed and turned into a thin, runny consistency like normal honey, but instead kept in its raw form. This helps to keep and maintain the copious amount of nutritional values in manuka honey. What are these nutrients? Manuka honey is naturally high and filled with:

  • Fructose and glucose, which are reduced sugars and do not have as harsh reactions like granulated sugar. Even diabetics can handle these types of sugar without worrying about their glucose levels going rampant.
  • Amino acids: these are the building blocks of protein and aid in the production of collagen in the skin, making manuka honey a natural anti-aging property. The amino acids found in honey are proline, tyrosine, lysine, phenylalanine, valine, arginine, histidine and glutamic acid, all in lesser amounts, though still beneficial.
  • Enzymes, this helps break down food in the system, but on the skin, it naturally exfoliates and helps retexturize the skin for a more smooth and healthy appearance.
  • Vitamins: Oh the amount of vitamins is absurd! B-complex (thiamin = B1, riboflavin = B2, niacin = B3, pantothenic aid = B5, and B6). These keep our body fueled by converting food into energy, but for our skin, it aids the epidermis in retaining moisture.
  • Minerals: these are bountiful and are calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, copper, sodium, potassium, magnesium, and manganese. With manuka honey, the mineral content is four times the conductivity, which is how minerals are tested for this substance, then regular honey.

These 5 natural components have wonderful effects in skincare, not just in consumption for health. As an added bonus, manuka honey is hygroscopic, meaning it pulls moisture from the air, can also draw out dirt and radicals trapped in the pores or hair follicles, allowing the flow of natural oils freely.

Plus, manuka honey has a pH balance of 4.5, which helps lower the skin pH and keeps it at an optimal acidic level. Why does that matter? Alkalinity balance is key in avoiding dry skin, especially those with eczema, psoriasis or other skin conditions. On top of that, the antibacterial and antifungal properties in manuka honey battle the ever-present fight with pores and acne by controlling the microbial (bacteria) activity of your skin. Now that is a powerhouse natural ingredient!

Wild Naturals Manuka Honey Skincare

With these incredible facts now known about manuka honey, you can see why having this natural nectar in your skincare would be so beneficial! That’s why Wild Naturals created a whole line of manuka honey products from face cream and face wash to shampoo and conditioner. It also contains several other highly rich ingredients, like coconut oil, blue-green algae, and cehami flower extract, to give your skin the most lavish and protected nourishment!

When you read about Wild Naturals skin care, you will see why these are products you should never be without. Why would you try to take care of your skin with artificial and chemically-filled ingredients? No, natural is the right path and it will deliver radiant, healthy, and youthful skin like you have never seen!

Visit the Wild Naturals online store today to order your manuka honey skincare and achieve the results for yourself!