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Can Hand Cream and Body Lotion Be Used Interchangeably?

By :Wild Naturals 0 comments
Can Hand Cream and Body Lotion Be Used Interchangeably?

should you use hand cream and body lotion intermittently

You see all the rows upon rows of lotions at the store. Hand creams with every conceivable type for dryness, eczema, special ingredients…but then you also see body lotions promoting the same options. So are you supposed to use body lotion for your hands? Is there a difference between hand cream and body lotion? Let’s investigate.

How Hand Cream & Body Lotion Differ

The formulas found in a body lotion are certainly not the same as hand cream. The nutrients blended in each type of moisturizer target the unique needs for specific parts of your skin, in this case, either your hands or your body.

Hand creams’ properties are slightly lighter than a body lotion may not work well when applied to our body. It can even result in itching especially if it can provide a decent amount of moisture in the body. A body lotion, on the other hand, is thicker (some are claiming that body lotion is thicker than hand lotions but that is another story) and using it may clog the pores in your hands since the skin is much thinner and more delicate. Possible effects can also be cracking, scaling and dryness as it prevents the pores to produce oils.

Most hand creams have peeling properties (Keratolytic) like lactic acid. This exfoliates the skin and at the same time moisturizes the tough skin. Though this can be used on certain parts of the bodies where it’s rough like the elbows, knees, and bottom of the feet, using it all over the body may have some adverse effect. It may cause irritation to our bodies considering the peeling effect of lactic acid present in hand lotions.

Also, hand creams are formulated to penetrate the thinner skin with more nutrient and protective ingredients since the hands are more exposed to the elements and frequent washing, which can strip the hands of natural oils. It’s a pretty simple comparison of hand cream versus body lotion and how hand cream and body lotion can be used.

In conclusion, for the best benefits for your skin, use a product formulated and produced for a specific purpose. The occasional application may not hurt you, but interchanging its uses frequently may do more harm than good. The thickness of body lotions can also be difficult to rub in your hands and is harder to penetrate the skin. Of course, there are some exceptions to rule, especially if you blessed with baby-like skin on your hands. But it always pays to follow the rules and use the product where it’s intended.

Moreover, use the one that is suited for your skin type. It’s best if you can find a water-based lotion, especially if you have oily skin to avoid overworking your pores and producing additional oil from the heavier consistency. If you have dry to very dry skin, oil-based moisturizers are best and give you deep hydration compared to water-based. And remember, always choose products that are alcohol-free to reduce drying out your skin. Best of all, products with natural ingredients offer all of these options and more!

Wild Naturals Moisturizers

To have healthier skin, a good daily regimen is needed and recommended by anyone from your dermatologist to the skin care consultant at Sephora or Ulta. A balanced diet, avoiding alcoholic drinks on a regular basis, and using the appropriate lotions or creams can help you attain a much healthier, supple and youthful-looking skin all over! It’s really that easy! Just be sure to avoid very strong soaps, hand sanitizers, and chemicals especially when your job requires you to do frequent hand washing as these can severely dry out your skin.

Remember to use hand cream and body lotion where it’s intended—the best way is to keep the two bottles separate and in locations where you would normally use each of them appropriately. Hand cream can be kept by your bedside or in a miniature size in your purse, desk, or car. Body lotion should stick to being in the bathroom and applied after a shower or bath. At Wild Naturals, our body cream is filled with the most beneficial and natural ingredients that are known for its hydrating, nourishing, and repairing properties! For more on Wild Naturals lotions and moisturizers, shop the online store today!